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  1. Thank you for the information, bit of a quandary to make a decision.
  2. Additionally, has anybody gone for the spare wheel option and upgrade and how much boot space did you lose and what was the cost Would be interesting information.
  3. There seems to be some variations in opinions as to how many free map uploads you can have and over what period, if anybody has any info?
  4. To be honest, I have not used it in depth since the update but I still feel that compared to my Tom Tom it is slow and, as stated, when junctions are close together it is not as quick.
  5. BERIAN1


    Has anybody had any experience from the front end of the CHR when on full lock. A noise sounding like there is something trapped underneath when there is not. Spasmodic event.
  6. Hi all. Re. the recent CHR posts from me. Interior light now sorted. Have been in touch with Toyota regarding the very poor sat nav and it would appear that my CHR was supplied with out of date software. I am having to take the car to a dealer next week for the rectification and update. The software in my Car re the sat nav is 2016!
  7. Thanks so much for the comments to date. Interior lights, thank you will double check. Sat Nav. Car delivered May 2017, software version 6.8.2WH, Map id 2016v2.
  8. Took delivery of CHR in May. First time used Satnav during the last week whilst on a trip to Wales. On open straightforward roads satnav was ok BUT, virtually useless when presented with junctions that come quickly after each other, SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOW, in catching up and went past a number of junctions as a result. Going around the towns/villages and lanes in Wales, forget it, the system is always slow and behind pace and as a result continually bleats recalculating route which takes an age. Fortunatly I had my 7 year old basic "Tom Tom" with me that I used instead and that never ever faltered or was behind the pace. Very disappointed, unacceptable and very poor in comparison to older and more basic systems. As another point, interior lights do not come on when doors open, a y ideas, I have gone through the menu on the Touch and Go and cannot find anything that helps. Regards.
  9. Back in 1994, the original fit was Dunlop. Suppose it depends on what you intend to do?? Thank you
  10. Out of all the tyres out there, any thoughts on what are rhe best for wear, petrol consumption and grip please?