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  1. Don't be mad.You are alive and you are not in jail for KILLING someone Pay all the FINES and stop crying LOL I've been in the same boat :!Removed!: Don__t_cry
  2. I got a 95 Camry 2.2 Im trying to put a 3sgte Turbo in the car I need info ASAP I have a AT 4cly 2.2 in the car now I dont know what trans will fit I think the v6 trans will fit or the 4cly trans I need info Thank you
  3. Carbon fiber hood on Ebay for $330.00 I think thats cheap But i need X mas cash so I will get it in Jan I got clear front bumper lights off E bay They dont fit :crybaby:I got a 2dr camry 95 I dont know if the 4dr is the same in the front? so I think I have to sell them
  4. I got a 95 Toyota camry 2dr 2.2 need to get some info on a engine swap trying to put a 3S-GTE turbo out of a JDM car Need to know if my 2.2 Trans will match up some say I need a V6 trans Dont no need HELP Post me or E mail me :!Removed!: Yeah I know its a CAMRY but I look at it like this its not a Honda lol
  5. I got my Rims today black 17-7 Rims and Tires for only $550 yes that cheap and new I got them At www.rim1.com in Phx thats 100miles west of me but 20bucks in gas thats a good deal dont you think :) Tell me about your cars and what your doing to them
  6. Today is a good day I got my rims today YES :P Black 17-7s I got them at a real good deal no not on Ebay lol I got them at WWW.Rim1.com ther in Phx about 100miles west of Tucson but for $$550 Rims and tires it is a good drive LOL next week Im getting a real carbon fiber hood yes yes this is on Ebay but its about $$380 thats cheap I love Ebay :bookworm:
  7. Its like this Im In Tucson AZ and I think this is one of the biggest street race towns in the World thats no BS FRI & SAT more then 300+ cars in this town run up and down the street called Speedway Thats the meet from 10.30pm to 12.45 or so then all the real Bad boys and girls meet at one place then about 150 to 250 to +++Cars trucks bikes and run out of town about 15 to 30 miles out of Tucson around this time its 1am or so then its on race time People race for cash pride and braggin rights Out of all the cars in this town I have the Only 2dr camry thats the $hit Im trying to do a 3sgte swap in this bad girl she will fly soon Im thinking 14s or 13s In the 1/4 mile Will_race_for_food
  8. Yes I got some info today and I think Im crying for joy This guy is saying that the 3s-gte in a bolt in job NO MAD MODS YES all I need is a MR 2 or cell front clip thats about $2500 to $3500 and the engine runs about 200+Hp thats stock can you say Honda KILLER The best part is that I got a T3/4 Turbo and HKs turbo timer and boost control some guy e mails me and he tells me its going to run me like 12k no no son Im looking at $$4500 for the swap in a 2dr camry No body kit no wing no Fast and Im trying to show off so can i get a :group-cuddles: Thank you oh the only out side Mods Im doing is black17s and new paint and tint I will get you guys pics of my car soon I dont got a :censor: camera LOL all I got is a 8mm sharp :ffs:
  9. You say the Camry is not a sports car why say that One of the fastest cars in the wourld the Skyline AKA Godzilla come's in a 4dr too and a station wagon The camry is a good car and a good ride I got one and its not a HONDA lol The best part about of the Toy is you can Buy JDM engines for it Im trying to do the 3S-GTE In my 95 This engine is like 200hp stock :bookworm: put a bigger turbo T3/4 and a lot of little things and you got one Hell of a grocerie getter
  10. I got a 95 Toyota Camry and its the 4cly AT Im trying to do a engine swap in the car the 3S-GTE Turbo 200+hp I think this engine is a big bang for the buck But Im new to the Toyota world I did a nissan 240sx sr20det swap that was a lot easier swap to do Now all the little boys and girls are doing that so its time to make the 1st 2dr Camry 3s-gte in Tucson AZ But I need HELP all info will do me good Thanks
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