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  1. Can not say as no experience with them. Here in N.Ire a saloon is a rare site (03 to 09 series ). Worth checking the boot anyway, I am nearly sure the rear lamp is the source of the problem but I have had it out several times and carefully resealed and tightened it down carefully. Another item, especially this time of year to check is the headlamps wet inside. I have one and just noticed today it is actually very wet on the inside of the glass. Maybe this was the cause of my 2 dipped bulbs blowing yesterday evening when I switched on my lights. All working now with new bulbs. When one went a surge of power may have gone to the other and blew it. Will be keeping an eye on it and should it blow again I will remove the offending lamp and get it well dried out and reseal it with clear silicone. Why go for a petrol Avensis my D4D regularly averages towards 50 mpg now has 127000 miles done. Regular servicing is key.
  2. Hi Guys, I learned something in reference to my recent experience on having head gasket issue on my 2010 2.2 D4D Rav 4 TR. As reported in my earlier topic on the head gasket issue I discovered my original 2010 engine differed from the 2010 2.2 Rav 4 TR replacement engine which turned out to be not interchangable with mine. The reason for this was my original does not have the 5th injector fitted ( as the Toyota mechanic explained to me). This was something he never came across in his years with working for Mr T dealership garage. Neither had the breaker come across this issue before and they told me they had sold hundreds of these engines with no such issue. He actually had to check at work on their computer system when my engine type was introduced and for how long. There was a short run ( without 5th injector) produce late 2009. My Rav was first reg'd March 2010. They even used the exact same engine code as stamped on the engines. Mechanic told me the engines will physically fit but it was the engine electrical system that was the problem which was not financially feasible to address. Something to chat over a pint for all the wrench men (and ladies).
  3. I had a new boot seal fitted by Mr T way back under the 3 year warranty for same reason yet the problem persisted to this day. I actually removed the rubber bung in the passenger side boot well below the rear light to let any water out. I removed the rear light cluster checked seal, all ok and refitted following an application of multi-purpose grease to all it's contact area. Still have misted windows plus a white stain running horizontally 9 to 12 inches above floor level on the inner passenger side boot lining. I even went over the welded seems down the P/S rear hatch channel with a little Hammerite of a very similar color to the car but this again made no difference. This is a widely known problem on these hatchbacks. I suppose I could be lucky in that only one side of mine is affected. BTW spare wheel well is never wet. You will have to remove the large sponge under boot mat to examine the outer rear quarter well for dampness.
  4. Well Guys, sorry for delay in update. First of all Mr T declined any offer of help when it came to putting his hand in his pocket. I even contacted them direct restating 7 TOYOTA service on car just turned 58000 miles plus loyal customer having my Avensis D4D since 2005 and a New 17 plate Auris at the door (wife's car). I then bought a 2010 x Rav 4 2.2 engine from a 27800 crashed car, warranted miles from my local breaker who I know for 40 years. Was able to get Toyota trained mechanic to do the switch over and all looked good. When preparing my engine for removal he noticed my engine did not have the '5 injector' common to all 2.2 ltr 2AD engines (which the donor engine had). On checking at his work, Toyota garage, he discovered a small run of these engines were produced in late 2009 and they were not interchangeable with the pre and after range of 2.2 engines. This led to me getting my £700 back for the engine and decision was made to have my own engine repaired. 3mm was skimmed of the block and same from the head. Internally my engine was in excellent condition ie bores, pistons, all bearings etc. A new water pump and thicker head gasket was fitted in the rebuild and the engine is driving perfect. £700 parts inc skim plus £250 labor. Probably better off getting it done myself as my share of a bill from Mr T would have cost me more. For other members with 2.2 D4D Toyotas around 2010 do be mindful of of this short run of engines that my Rav is fitted with should you be looking parts for engine or indeed as I a complete engine to interchange with yours.
  5. I have a 2004 T Spirit D4D since 2005. Great car but in addition to above pointers do check inside the boot for dampness. Cause can be a headache to sort plus you will be tortured with all interior windows misting up, especially this time of year. Good luck
  6. Toyota trained and currently working for Toyota man was confident my engine will be fine with .004 of the head and .003 of the block with an accordingly thicker head gasket. If this was not to be done why is there a thicker than stock head gasket available.
  7. All very well FROSTYBALLS when ones car is within the warranty period and of course with one of the affected ( year of issue) engines. My 2.2 RAV4 is registered March 2010 and to me, and my main Toyota dealer displayed and indeed was diagnosed with the troublesome head gasket failure. Toyota refused any assistance relating to the repair. I even contacted Toyota UK by phone myself after the garage informed me of Mr T's decision. Incidentally my engine, which is original to the vehicle is one of a quite limited number of engines fitted to 2010 vehicles in that it is not interchangeable with other, pre and post 2010 because my engine does not have the 5th injector. This apparently is fitted to the front of the engine. How do I know, I bought a 27000 mile replacement engine but it could not be fitted despite having the same engine code. Senior Toyota mechanic said he never came across this engine design of mine but on checking agreed that it does exist. I returned the engine yesterday and gt my money back. Overall it worked out the same money to get the car back on the road, now with my own engine rebuilt at total cost of £1000.
  8. Thanks Kos_ta, that is what I was hoping for. I did read here on the archives that the rear bumper may also require changing. I have a niggling concern that the earlier Rav may have had some strengthening at the door hinges to take the extra weight of the spare tyre. Any thoughts on this ?
  9. Hi all, After 2 recent punctures on recently new Continentals I am wondering if the rear door with spare wheel carrier from an earlier Rav4 will fit my 2010 model. Currently all I have is the aerosol repair kit. Any help will be much appreciated. Henry
  10. Hi Matt, I have a 2010 2.2 Rav 4 which has just turned 58000 miles. Bought it Feb past as it had 7 Toyota stamps in service book and car was very well looked after throughout. 6 weeks ago coolant started to disappear with no sign of leaks. Went to local Toyota agent who booked it in to find out what was going on. Bottom line was the head gasket was starting to go. Toyota denied my engine could have been one of the affected batch which they acknowledged gave this problem. Despite the main dealer service history I was left to foot the bill myself. I got a Toyota trained mechanic to rebuild my engine with new head gasket after having the head and block skimmed. Total bill was £1000. Do not expect any sympathy or help from Mr T. Henry
  11. Thanks guys. I am actually waiting to hear back from Toyota UK as I contacted customers services directly and opened a case. I was told at this time they would be contacting the Toyota dealership where the car had been examined re the head gasket issue. Should have word back from them early this coming week. Plan B is I have my eye on a 2.2 engine with a warranted 26000 miles on it for £700. ( minus turbo, injectors, alternator and diesel pump ) It is currently in a 2011 damaged RAV4. Will keep you posted on outcome.
  12. Hi Guys, had phone call from local Toyota garage to say Mr T is offering NO assistance with my engine repair. I am indeed disappointed due to the excellent Toyota service history ( 7 stamps ) and only 58k miles on the car. Question is now what is my choice of replacement engine ? Is the Avensis 2.2 engine a direct replacement or do I have to stivk with one from another Rav4 . Also what years are we talking about, my Rav is March 2010 and one of the very last prefacelift models with the 09 type front grille. If the Avensis engine is a direct replacement it will give me a lot more choice re availability. Looking forward to replies.
  13. Sons car as mentioned in my other post in ref to the Rav 4 with engine problem.
  14. Hi Guys, what is the spare wheel of choice, hopefully full size that will fit in the spare wheel well ( all plastics removed first) of a 2010 2.2 D4D 5 door Rav 4. I have gone through the archives and the only mention was of a post 2009 Avensis wheel/tyre may suit. Prior to any purchase I would need to know for sure that suggested wheel will fit front and back axles plus the well in the boot. Thanks in advance of response(s).
  15. Hi Guys, as promised I would keep you posted re Mr T and my Rav 4 engine problem. Car was left with Mr T as arranged for assessment. Had phone call to say the head gasket was at the early stages of going and engine will require striped down. Also told the garage was in contact with HQ and all efforts are being made to have Toyota to pay for the work and I assume parts as required based mainly on the 7 Toyota stamps on service book plus only 58000 miles on the car. Told it could be Monday before word comes back of decision at HQ . Watch this space !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!