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  1. can coilovers, or lowering springs and stuts from a 96 and up paseo work on a 92 Thanks.
  2. hey guys, can anyone find out the price of the paseo/cynos one piece headlights for me in the Uk from toyota, cuz my uncle is gonna visit there and i want him to pick up a set for me. If the price is right, but i need to know how much it is in advance so i can give him before he goes. Thanks in advance.
  3. when u remove the connector for the headlight, move the rubber donut. after there a metal hook thing, follow that metal hook to your left there should be a small bump. pull back and up which should open. move that out of the way and the h4 bulb comes out. now to put back is the same way but make sure the blub tabs line up, and go backward.
  4. thanks, happy to be here. The tinsel stuff was on the car when i got it. used car lots have them alot. to get attention to people that pass by, it worked for me. The whole moonroof comes like the del sol, but its where to put in since i have my sub box and tool kit in the back. i'm scared of it braking while in the back seat. Thanks, the skrits on it are from a trueno/corolla gts, the fit almost exact, and the rims are from a isuzu. for the clear lens is there alot of part cars in your area. cuz for the summer i will be liking to get some for my car, along with some apex lowering spring
  5. i was able to fit 6x9 speakers, in my paseo i drill small holes but the position of the speaker is important, and the type or is sound like :censor: . the front can hold a 4" with a tweeter, it's a tight fit but it can work. as for parts there alot of not much cuz when to do come in there gone pretty fast.
  6. hey, was just passing though and finally found a paseo, cynos forum on the net. just got my 92 paseo. it has 91000km lady senoir driving. got it for a good price, but after seeing the site i like the cynos better the clear headlight lens, the side markers. anyways that all for now, i'm in montreal, Canada. well here a pic of the car nothing fansy since winter is here for us, hopefully in the summer i can get some cynos parts to exchange on my paseo. later
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