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  1. The latest recommendation is replacement of the fuel filter and a carbon pollen filter at enormous cost. Regarding air con it does require topping up of the refrigerant as it is not a sealed system like a refrigerator. You can buy a gauge/applicator on e-bay and get the refrigerant at Halfords. It costs £39.99 but that includes £10 deposit on the can which is returnable. Full instructions come with the gauge. An ambient temperature of at least 18C is necessary to run the air con for testing. It requires running at lowest setting for a few minutes before taking the pressure reading at the LP port on the return pipe near the battery. It is marked LP and screws off to reveal a Schrader valve and the gauge just pushes on. The top up can affixes to the pipe on the applicator and pull the trigger to top it up. Fitter
  2. If your system is the TS700 satnav then there is a separate booklet of similar size to the manual for the car and it should have been passed on with the car. The info is too large to copy. Fitter
  3. I had this same problem with one of my key fobs. I found that the contacts were worn and fixed the problem by fitting a thicker battery. The 2016 size is the fitted one. I put a 2025 battery in and it worked perfectly and still does. 20 represents the millimetre diameter and 25 is the thickness in 2.5mm. The voltage is the same. It's worth a try as it's about £67 for a new key including the programming. Fitter
  4. Most cars lose up to 5% of their refrigerant each year. It is easy to service it yourself. A gauge applicator can be bought on e bay for a few pounds. The gas can be bought at Halfords. It is EZ Chill. The cost is £39.95 which includes £10 refundable when you return the empty container. In the engine compartment the return pipe to the condenser has a cap labelled LP.(low pressure) This unscrews to reveal a Schrader valve (similar to a tyre valve). The ambient temperature should be above 18C and with the engine running turn the car temperature control to minimum and allow the air conditioning to run for 3 or 4 minutes. Push the connector on the gauge onto the LP valve and check that the needle is in the green zone. If it is low or in the white section attach the gas container to the gauge and pull the trigger. Release the trigger occasionally to check the pressure which should be in the centre of the green zone. Instructions come with the gauge applicator.
  5. Price is a bit steep for me. However I started with two keys so no worries. I also found that if I lock the car with the lock button on the key, which works, I can unlock it using the key in the door lock without the alarm going off. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I have the same problem but have the good fortune to have got two keys with the car along with the grey valet parking key. Does anyone know how much it costs to get a new key from a dealer. I have the key number. I would prefer having a spare.
  7. Have you tried another bulb? Fitter
  8. Leaves should not pass the air conditioning filter, commonly called the pollen filter. Have you checked to see if one is fitted? I am not sure about the 2001 model but usually they are fitted behind the glove box. The air filter is only for the engine. Fitter
  9. The correct way to check the air conditioning is to have the vehicle in an ambient temperature of 18C (65F) and set the temperature in the car to minimum. Allow the air con to run for about five minutes and check the pressure at the LP port. The condition you describe is usual with low refrigerant. When there is too much R134 in the system the guage will go into the red section. Fitter
  10. After opening the door with the key and the alarm is sounding put the key into the ignition and switch on. The alarm should stop. Fitter
  11. I have attached the Steering Column part of the manual. I hope that it will be of some help. Fitter STEERING COLUMN.pdf
  12. There are two nuts in the recessed holes in the cover. Remove these and the cover just pulls off. Fitter
  13. On my 2007 Avensis the power steering reservoir is under the plastic cover on the drivers side behind the coolant header tank. Fitter
  14. There are two connector blocks side by side to the driver's side of the engine whicb the sensors are plugged into. The left one is Bank 2 Sensor 1 the other is Bank 2 Sensor 2. Fitter
  15. The sensor highlighted is Bank 2 Sensor 2 and is pre cat as it is at the top of the catalytic converter. Fitter
  16. The previous reply is correct. Moisture is taken from inside the vehicle and is deposited on the evaporator behind the dash. The problem occurs when the aircon is turned off when people are in the car and bacteria grow. If you can get it sorted with the treatment advised it would then be better to leave the aircon on at all times. It not only cools the air when necessary but controls the humidity in the car. Fitter
  17. The arm is held by a nut under the plastic cover at its base. It may still be tight on the splines so you could use a puller or give the bush of the arm a blow with a hammer either side or try warming it up. However if it only the blade you want off just lift up the arm and turn the blade fully over to the left until the rubber is upward and there is a small lever to press and lift it upward off the arm. Fitter
  18. This is confusing. I checked on the website and it confirmed that my 2007 Avensis was included in recall. Called local Toyota garage ane they checked on their info and said my car was did not require any recall work? Fitter
  19. Sounds like a duff battery to me. If you have a voltmeter or multimeter check the output voltage at the battery terminals. It should be 13 +volts. Some of the batteries fitted to these models have an indicator on the top. A small round perspex indicator which should be green if the battery is ok. If the alternator output was ok it means that the battery is not holding the charge especially when driving at night with lights etc. Fitter
  20. Tried to upload the manual for bumper removal but it wont load. Fitter
  21. Usually it is reset by pushing and holding the trip meter reset button with ignition on. Fitter
  22. On the estate model the two pairs of clips have to be pulled outwards away from the centre and the bulb plate pulled forward and down. Fitter
  23. Firstly you are not an idiot. All cars are different and it takes a while to get to know them. There is a glove box light on my car. The switch is located top right of the frame and the light is just behind the switch and above the actual box. The reason that it is not in the box itself is because the glove box has to be removed to access the polllen filter. Fitter
  24. Yes I meant the widest spaced lugs but the resistance figures are taken from a UK manual and Bank 2 Sensor 2 is also 11-16 ohms at 20C. Fitter
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