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    Dealer Care

    This is the result of dealer servicing arnold clark Aberdeen Their idea of care is to swamp the brakes in corrosive brake "cleaner" http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w...ps88132323.jpg So I am fixing it myself, they will never see my car again. http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w...ps38dd2601.jpg http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w...psa2f937c5.jpg Is that stamp in your book really worth anything.?
  2. Well............I am going to go for it. I am so disappointed with cars in general, all going with boring front wheel drive. Especially Toyota, killing the MR2, now the 3dr RAV the end of 10 years of Toyota ownership. Suzuki, here I come, cash in hand. Howard
  3. Hi, Probably not the place for this, but, what the hell. After 8 years of contentment with the 3 - 3dr RAV4's, I am looking for an alternative. The new 5 door is TOOO BIG.! The 3dr Suzuki Vitara looks good, has a diff lock too.!, has anyone tried one.? thx Howard
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    Thanks for the input guys, I don't think its the tracking, but I'll have a look. I am running a bog standard 3 door 4.2 2005 XTR. Must be a rubber bush or something.
  5. howardm


    Hi Anybody experienced acute tramlining in a Rav.? I have checked all the joints and found no play, tyre pressures are spot on, no sign of uneven tyre wear. What else is there.? Howard
  6. I am losing faith with Toyota. First, they ruin the MR2, then they drop the 3 door RAV, now the 3 door Landcruiser. I will have to look elsewhere for my next transport.
  7. Hi, I was quite fancying a 3 door Landcruiser. I tow my digger about a lot on a plant trailer. The 5 door is too big. I look at the Toyota website and there isn't that option there.? A quick look at Autotrader proves these models exist, are they imports.? thx Howard
  8. Hi, I can't find out anywhere what type of 4wd this car has. Is it Permanent AWD or the poxy FWD and AWD when a wheel spins. thx Howard
  9. There is a switch. it's ON or OFF, the light DOES work.!
  10. Just to mix things up a bit more. I read the manual and it says the lights come on for 15 seconds when the remote is pressed to unlock the doors. It also says that there is a switch next to the light with ON OFF and DOOR positions....NOT ON MINE.! I have a 2005 XTR 3 door with glass sunroof, any clues.? the al wifey complains she dropped the shoppin' in the dark and she can't find her hat when opening the door to get out. You wouldn't believe the earache I am getting here.
  11. Hi, The wifey is complaining again ( not unusual ) She's been borrowing my 2005 4.2 Rav4. because of the snow. The courtesy light doesn't work when the doors open......and you know.....she's right. What's happening.? How do you get it to come on when a dorr is opened.? Like other cars do.! thx Howard
  12. Thanks guys, I hadn't realised this was after market stuff, thought it was Toyota. Don't have my finger on the pulse nowadays. These things aint cheap, but I would appreciate a pointer to a good UK supplier thx Howard
  13. Hi, Excuse my ignorance. I saw on another forum, someone had plugged into a RAV4 a GPS head unit. Seemingly a straight plug in swap. Is this true, where do I get 1 and how much are they.? Mine's a 4.2 2005 3door XTR thx Howard
  14. Mine are HP's 235-60-16 They look a a little wider than the Duelers, maybe it's just the tread has wider grooves. I was also recommended Pirelli Scorpion ST's, but couldn't see them in the flesh, so chickened out of that one. Howard
  15. Wow, you must be a millionaire at 180 quid a pop tyres.!
  16. Hi, For what it's worth, in my humble opinion. Bridestone Duelers are rubbish. I just changed to Goodyear Wranglers. They hold a tighter line, they don't aquaplane, do have a smoother ride. The Duelers tried to kill me just once too many times with the aquaplaning. After riding around on them for 3 years ( original tyres ) they have gone. (2005 XTR 3dr) Howard
  17. I found this today...................by accident.! http://www.palmautomotive.co.uk/4trucks/acatalog/Toyota_RAV4_2005-RearStyling_4x4_Accessories_.html About what I would pay for such an item. Thanks folks
  18. Thanks anchorman, not cheap.!
  19. Hi, I fancy fitting a twin exhaust to my 2005 3-door XT4 Is this available off the shelf, or is it a custom job.? thx Howard
  20. Hi I have the same problem. Dealer says no codes etc and as you said not interested in finding the fault. Will have to have a go at the airflow. Anyone help on where it is etc How much is the carb cleaner? Thanks Hi, Yes it's on the back of the Air Filter, If you have a short stubby xhead screwdriver it will come off without disturbing the Air Filter assy. I put the thing in a jar of fluid as swished it around a bit, then dried it off with an gentle blast of air. Good Luck.! Howard
  21. 20 mile report since cleaning as suggested. Well, that seems to have done it.! thanks Have a virtual drink on me.! Howard
  22. Hi, Now on my second 3 door Rav, a 2005 petrol 2 litre. This one acts really strange at times. The dealer has no interest in finding the fault. What happens is, say I'm in on a level road and don't need any throttle, at any speed. After a few seconds foot on accelerator maintaining a constant speed, very light or no throttle. The engine slows and jerks violently until I give more throttle. I can't make it do this on demand, it does it when it wants to hence problem with dealer. Any ideas.? thanks Howard
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