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  1. It's definatly seated properly within the front bit. Cardboard filter? Mines like a hardened cotton (white) stuff? I'm pretty sure it's not the filter it seems more like the box itself cos there's a lot more pressure on the right than the left. It's like the joints where the box fits together at the top arn't working properly. The bit on the top right where the prong goes into the front box doesn't sit flush like it does on the left. Thanks for your help Chappers and jaxx. I'll try and get it to the garage by Monday and let u know what they have to say :P Deano
  2. Yeah, same method of getting it on with mine. Just went had yet another go :P. It seems to be that that's the best fit I can get. It's just that if you look down the right lip of the filter box. Like where the outside goes over the inside you can see the filter inside so I'm thinking maybe it isn't sealing properly. How dirty is your air filter too? Mine's pretty dirty tbh. Haven't had anything to compare it to either cos this is my first car :( Deano
  3. I've just gone and had a jigle about with it now outside. I can't get it to fit any differently but there's no trouble getting the clips to close so I'm hoping it's on right. Just the face that I can see a little of the filter exposed down the right worries me :S
  4. dean_TTE


    You can see the sensor on mine real clear :o but I don't know because I've never had a stock toyota body... always been toyota motorsport germany (aka TTE). It's like a little round black cylinder with a green (if i remember correctly) wire leading away from it. Mine's mounted on the vertical bars connecting the slam plates behind the front bumper. :) Hope this helps. Deano
  5. Nah it's never been removed mate. Cars only done 14,000 miles. The only thing I'm worried about is if it IS wrong it might have done damage to the engine. I'm sure it's not the filter itself. It's like the prongs on the air intake box arn't aligning properly with the holes in the bit which clips on the front (the bit which the filter is in). If that makes sense. I guess my best bet is to pop into the garage at some point and ask if they'd take a look at it for me. What you recon? Cheers Deano
  6. I have the TTE ones on mine mate and I've been really impressed. They look pretty tasteful without being OTT if you know what I mean. Not sure how much they are or where to get them from but you could try the TTE website (although I think it's in german :P). STILL need to get it slammed though ;) thinking of getting new shocks while I'm at it aswell cos the body roll just takes the ***** atm. Deano
  7. I was just giving my mate a jump start the other day when i noticed that the airbox on my 1.0 type-m sits slightly differently on the right hand side to the left. Being the inquisitive type I decided to take it off and see if it wasn't fitted on correctly. Having played with it for a while I came to the conclusion that it's just meant to be like that. On the left hand side it fits perfectly flush with the intake box but on the right it seems slightly tensioned and if you look closely down the right hand side of the airbox you can see some of the air filter exposed. Is everyone elses like this or is something not quite right here? Cheers Deano
  8. dean_TTE

    Dint In Bumper

    Talking about front endys I was involved in a collision with a multistorey support pillar when some ***** decided to cut the corner. That cost £900 to put back to new at the best bodyshop I could find. They even saved my TTE skirt :) Needed a new bonnet though :( and the slam bars (both of them) were dented causing a small radiator housing dent also. Luckily the airbags didn't go off :o Poor yaris :( oh well. All is well now :D Happy holidays.
  9. Lo guys. Haven't been around for a while. Been fitting my Kenwood M6024 to the yaris ;) It's pretty good even with stock components. Anyway, getting back to the topic, my driver's side seat doesn't even move forward when i open it. It tilts the back but then I have to use the rack to move the seat forward manually. Is everyone's yari like mine? :( Merry xmas all :P Dean
  10. Looks very similar to the Vitz RS Turbo (TRD/non-TRD versions). :D what a !Removed!
  11. Lo guys. I was just reading through ur forum when i noticed YarisBoy said there's no more white yaris's here. Well there is :P Mines a 1.0 GS with coded bumpers, stil auto alloys, TTE Body kit, standard Toyota rear spoiler and the TTE side skirts. I'll get around to posting a pic for you all. Gonna get some ICE for it for xmas :D Dean