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  1. Hi, Just had motor checked and it turns out water pump was knackered and oil leak was due to engine needing new rocker cover gasket. Engine was pressure tested and all seems well. I am a little worried at the sheer volume of people suffering from head gasket failure in the surfs, i bought it as thought they were ultra reliable. And yes i apologise for calling it a jeep lol!
  2. Hi, I have just joined up as think it may be a good idea to be in touch with people who have some technical knowhow of the Hilux as there seems to be alot of issues especially with the 2.4 litre td which unfortunatley for me is what i have just bought........ I have a couple of problems and am worried that the dreaded head gasket problem could be one of them, I got the hilux on Thursday 18/09/08 and when i went on test drive it seemed ok i couldnt see any leaks and coolant temp was reading all ok but after i went back to pick motor up later in the day all i had was problems. I drove it for about 30 mins with no problems then suddenly i noticed the temp gauge starting to move towards the redline so i pulled over and checked the coolant tank at right hand side of radiator and it was empty, i topped it up with some water and continued my journey home but after about 5 mins it started to head into the red yet again so i decided to pull over and call the AA for assistance. The guy from the AA arrived and had a look at engine etc, he filled radiator with water and refilled the coolant tank and he pointed out that my heater matrix has been disconnected and bypassed hence not getting any warm air coming thru vents in jeep he says that the coolant has maybe not been checked for a while and that was maybe reason why it was low. He told me to drive home and he would follow me back but i was to keep an eye on temp gauge not to let it get hot again, i drove approx 15 miles to get home and engine did not overheat which was great but today i had look at coolant tank next to radiator and it is near enough empty again although radiator was ok i think as did not need to put nearly any water inside. Any ideas? Next problem is i have just noticed that there is an oil leak above the rock slider guard under engine it was dripping quiet bad i think, the oil was jet black and thin not thick so could that be diff, engine or gearbox oil? I am really annoyed as when i went to see motor and take it for test drive it never did any of this and i bought it on the high reputation the hilux is supposed to have, i am starting to think i have bought a wreak :( Your suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks. :(