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  1. My servicing was much more reasonable than my friends: €140 or thereabouts. It's still over €60 of labour for an hour's work!
  2. Personally I find this extremely sick, and not just a little distressing. :o
  3. If you have a picture of your car, post it up in the galleries, and I'll modify it for you so that you can see the effect of our suggestions. A picture is worth a 1000 words
  4. Yes and rejected it out of hand because: lack of quality lack of integration with existing system (need an additional screen to see track names and a remote to control it) (Nice spoiler BTW )
  5. There are 2 possibilities that can be fitted in certain Toyotas with an adapter: Sony CDX T70MX Alpine CHA-S634 Both are 6CD MP3 changers. Check out the Audio forum here in TOC and look for a post from DUSAYES or myself. I haven't yet found the solution for my car, as I want something that integrates seamlessly into the existing stereo. Dame: there are loads of people who'd love to have 6 (or more) CD's worth of music in their car. I am one. I do a load of miles, and having music makes it bearable.
  6. Don't worry about the narky ones. It's a nice car. I prefer the older or the bigger ones myself, but I realise that they don't necessarily enter into people's budgets. I'd far rather have yours than a Mitsu or a Nissan Did you put the wood trim in yourself, or is it standard?
  7. yannick


    I don't know for sure what the MNX in the model code stands for (I can find out), but the BJ74V is this:
  8. A friend of mine ordered his Yaris Blue in Italy several weeks ago. It should be delivered in the next few days. The special feature there (except the colour) is the BlueTooth phone connection that allows you to use the phone through the stereo without even taking the phone out of your pocket. Having seen his cars's specs, I thought that BlueTooth was an integral part of the offer...
  9. Well Ian, I hope that's it's "au revoir" rather than "adieu". (little) Ian. :P
  10. As I understand the system, the first person to get a certain car inspected (be it modded or not) pays the full whack for the inspection (several grand!). Subsequent people with identical cars can rent the certificate to get a cheaper inspection, because the certificate comes with a dossier of pictures & settings that the inspectors can use as a guide. The idea is that for standard cars the first inspection is funded by the manufacturer. This way you can rent the certificate (not necessarily a cheap affair) from someone to get your car through cheaper. The problem starts with modded cars. Whack an aftermarket turbo on (or even one from another car from the same manufacturer) and you get the honour of a full inspection, unless someone else has already had an IDENTICAL car inspected at the full whack, at which point you can rent the certificate. The problem I see with this scheme, for people that want to import modded cars, is that very few modded cars are IDENTICAL. If there's a difference, you get the privilege of a full inspection, and the bill (whether it passes or not!). A club can only hope to become the repository for standard cars, or cars with very common mods. The more outrageous stuff will become much more expensive to import due to the cost of a full inspection. That's the way I see things, anyway.
  11. I read the thread when it was posted for the first time, and it seems to me that it makes the whole thing more difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Already to import non-homogated cars (MR2 turbo for example) it's going to take a certificate that you're going to have to rent from somebody. For modified cars you're going to have to get it inspected to make sure that it conforms to UK/Euro law. This is already the case in France, and we still manage to have imported modified cars... but not many. The costs of a one-off inspection could be horrendous. If it's a fairly standard mod then several people could share the inspection and lend each other the certificate. I think that at the start there is going to be a monopoly on these certificates by certain companies that are going to rip everybody off. Over time though, it could become interesting for clubs to obtain certificates to be shared by members. It seems to be what they are suggesting at SXOC, and here in TOC the same thing could be done.
  12. I'm afraid that it does seem to be for real... :(
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