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  1. Just out of interest, roughly how large are chargecooler units? I've got hold of a 4agze for my mk1 and was looking at using a chargecooler instead of the air-air unit. If the dimensions are right I should be able to retain the standard engine lid :D Cheers Alun J
  2. Hi everyone, I wonder if any of you might be able to help me. I'm having a problem with the ignition switch on the car and I'm a little stumped as to where to go next. Does anyone know where the ST2 output from the ignition switch goes to? The ignition switch itself has seven wires coming out of it to it's connector block but the loom side of the connector doesn't appear to have anywhere for the ST2 output to go to. Also, when using the standard ignition switch the dash light for the battery doesn't illuminate. If I use a universal ignition I can get the car started fine with all of the dash lights showing as they should. The universal ignition I'm using only has six wires out of the back and wires in without any problems. Thanks for any light you might be able to cast on the problem... starting to get mr2 withdrawal Alun J '87 MK1 MR2, White, Koni adjustables, Apex springs, Superflex bushes, K&N intake, longlife exhaust, early spec engine and wheels that are too big. '88 MK1 MR2 T-bar. Mica blue. Standard.
  3. Got a couple down this way. Six between me and two friends (three na's, one 'charger we've just converted from an automatic to a manual, two na's as parts cars) in various stages of progress. Got to love the way you barely have to touch the brakes on those long country roads :) Does anyone know someone in the south wales area with experience working on the mk1? Most of the garages I've tried won't touch it and I've been warned off (rightly so after I went against what I'd been told and took the car there anyway) the local tuning parts / modification garage. I don't often have access have much workspace (and the mk1 won't fit in my garage), so that stops me being able to do as much as I'd like on the car.
  4. Lost one of my front shocks to a carelessly placed housebrick on the weekend.... would like to know who left that one on a quiet country road :censor: Now that's just a really good excuse for me to get koni's on the car before Japfest. Will be good to see how my lil mk1 does with those on board. £372 for the lot (sports kit, 4 top adjustable struts and 4 springs w 30 mil drop,) B) Must be the season for dead suspension.
  5. Swap in a late spec 4agze. If you're going for nitrous, the lower compression ratio on the later ze should suit you well, plus you've got the advantage of having the ceramic crowned pistons for strength. Might have to look at replacing the fuel pump too, I don't know if the stock unit'll flow enough fuel to prevent fuel pressure drops and lean-outs when you're running on the gas. And don't forget the progressive controller to cut down on the wheelspin and save you wasting your gas. One question though, where're you going to put your gas bottle(s) and what sort of size bottle are you looking at?
  6. If I had an SC that was running 9 second 0-60's I'd be very worried indeed (my na pulled 8.1 the week I got it). Munches Escort RS' no problems (that might be because it's on twisty roads though). We're converting my mate's SC from an auto to a manual 'box at the moment. Will give that a rip once it's back together and see what sort of times we get off that. <mini hijack> Finally got hold of the turbo for my little project though :) T-25 mk1 anyone? Should be fun to see what that'll do <end mini hijack>
  7. Plenty of room in the engine bay for a 3sgte (having had a good poke around a nice one at Billing Aerodrome last year). You'll lose the rear boot space though (no great loss). Or if you want to keep the engine size down, grab a late spec 4agze from a Levin (8:1 compression if I remember right and ceramic coated pistons), yank off the SC assembly and spend some time building (or sourcing) a turbo assembly for it. That's the plan on mine. Working on a 4age turbo conversion first (spare engine, if it dies I dont care) using a t-25 from a Nissan 200sx. I'll have a rummage around, sure I've got some good up-close pics of the 3sgte fitted engine bay somewhere.
  8. If I remember right they're road legal if they have a red push button release like on a standard seatbelt (and there's some european approval or something they have to have too). Can't remember if the one's with the metallic twist release are road legal though.
  9. Well, found out what the problem is. Got on the phone to the garage to find out that they've done the timing on the car without using a timing light. So, according to the head mech one of their guys set it up by ear and gave it back to me when it sounded right... Going to get it sorted out tomorrow, using my timing light so he can't use that excuse again. Cheers for the help everyone :-) rhaines, I'm in caerleon (on the rare occasions I'm at home). The drive to cardiff gate makes a good wake up call in the morning :-) Thanks for the advice John, didn't think of looking in the engine book (was in a foul mood). I've borrowed a copy of the toyota blue book 4age + 4afe engine repair manual from a friend. Couple of pages of that should come in handy. Where'd that sunshine go?
  10. Plugs are new, cables seem to be fine. Only think I can think of is that the garage didn't set up the timing correctly (can't find any garages around here that have worked on mk1s before, weird 'cause there seem to be a lot of them around newport + cardiff these days). Going to get cam belt covers off on friday and check the timing's set up ok. Might as well flush the coolant while I'm at it (a different garage replaced the engine a couple of months back, the coolants probably loaded with crud but there are definately a few airlocks in the system too. Won't be using that garage again after they tried to reuse a set of 17 year old fuel injector o-rings and seals, causing a nice spray of fuel inside my engine bay). baah, where's a good honest mechanic when you need one.
  11. Hi all, winder if anyone can help me with this one. Just had to have a new distributor hooked up to my mk1 (last one finally gave up the ghost at 125,000 miles). Everythings gone fine, the timing's been redone etc but there's now a huge flatspot below 4000rpm or so. Once it gets past 4k everything flys by, but below 4k it feels like I'm driving a nova or something. Has anyone had anything similar happen on their car?
  12. Mods turned out to be (eventually) a lightned flywheel (still waiting to find out if it'll fit to my gearbox / clutch set) and a set of cams (that've been removed for now until I find out the overlap duration and who made them, don't want to be dumping loads of fuel into my exhaust, that'll make it fail an MOT). Engine was supplied by Nippon Auto Spares (up near derby I think), nice cheap price (295+vat including delivery to my door) and quick delivery (slight delay cause their forklift packed in, then once they shipped it I got it 48 hours later). They don't have any late spec gze's in stock. I checked. Probably just as well, my insurance company wouldn't like me if I did that (for now anyway, septembers a whole different matter :) ).
  13. Japfest last year was pretty good fun. Not sure what the highlight of the day was, but someone stuffing an evo into the wall at quarry was a pretty startlinh sight (not a mark on the guy). Heard that it may have been one of the guys from Norris Designs but haven't seen anything to confirm that. Apparently he went into the corner before quarry too fast, held it through then just lost it into quarry. There're mud smears all up the left side, so presumably the driver had a nice view of the sky through his side window for a while too. Watching the redline cosworth cr@p chunks of metal onto the track in front of me wasn't fun though. Roll on this year B)
  14. So running in the 14-15 psi region should be no problem? Nice B) That project might have just come a step closer, especially now I've found out that one of the ladies in the mk1 owners club is about 3/4 of the way through her turbo conversion. Might have to see if I can have a look at the car once it's done up, steal any good ideas.
  15. Silly question, how much boost could a stock late spec 4agze take before you need to start doing expensive work on the internals? Just wondering cause I've got a couple of turbos off nissan 200sx's on their way to me at the moment (freebies off a mate) and was thinking of something like this as a project for later in the year.