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  1. Come on Anchorman - you know it is now a plastic filter housing on the ALL NEW Rav !!! .........the aluminium filter housing on the RAV diesel.... Best wishes Guy
  2. Hi Kev It is costing me to go on the Speed awareness Course about £90 better than three points on my clean licence !! So that will keep my Invincible away from your whisky soaked hands Very best wishes do hope I see you sometime down here Guy I have a brand new T180 tyre and wheel for sale if you ever come accross any one interested
  3. I only checked this out with my dealer last week - Touch & Go Plus get three free updates but basic Touch & Go has to pay - as said about £106/109 I would not update until the 2013 update is available, if it does come out in the next few months, I have found some speed limits are wrong on the existing version with my Invincible bought March this year and perhaps missing speed cameras - I certainly missed one a few weeks ago and it has cost me !! I will be updating as soon as I know the 2013 version is available Guy
  4. Well I must say the Superguard on my Invincble has been and is still very good and certainly was on my first RAV many years ago. Did not have it on my T180 as it was a pre-registed by Toyota car - a few months old but with only 9 miles on the clock - been in the showroom most of that time! Guy
  5. I must say it is really disapointing that the SpaceSaver is being delayed - my dealer promised me both the wheel and jack free of charge and expected them June/July. It is time Toyota got organised as there were issuse with the Invincible specification shown on their web site and what was actually delivered - when I contacted Toyota direct all I got was "specifications do change" from rather a supercillios young man!! I cannot fault my dealer (RRG Macclesfield) who has been most helpful on all issues and they are the ones who get the hassle from us buyers of expensive vehicles. My Invincible w
  6. Has anyone obtained the SpaceSaver tyre for their RAV 4-4 yet - I expected one from my dealer (and also a jack) early/mid June but no sign of one as yet. I would hate to use the repair goo if I get a puncture. Guy
  7. I just cut mine in half and and sealed the end with epoxy glue and it worked fine but now have a short Ninja - try www.motorcare.co.uk Price was fair and delivered quickly - check the best lenght as there are three as I recall Guy
  8. Thanks Big Kev, I will forget about changing audio and I will fit mudflaps. I think I have read somewhere you can't fit mudflaps and steps together on a 4.4? :bookworm: I wasn't going to fit steps anyway, so no problem. I am "playing" with the modes, one thing I find with "sport" is that it is reluctant to use 6th and have had to go to "M" and instruct the change using the stick or paddles. This happens on the motorway, generally. It is certainly a more driver's drive, if you see what I mean. There is a discussion on the "Chips" thread which I have joined in about this. GD Yes I agree w
  9. Well I shall have to keep an eye on this - my Invincible tail gate has been up and down many, many times. Only problem is to make sure it is not sent up under my rather low garage up and over door !! Be careful that nothing can get trapped under the tail gate when it closes, like an item that slipped back in the boot area. Guy
  10. Done about 2500 miles with my Invincible Auto and back from 850 miles round Devon, averaged 37.6 mpg on Ultimate type fuel which I think in quite good as had very fast motorway trips in both directions from Derbyshire and there are some steep and long hills down there - bit like Derbyshire in places !! It is a bit heavier than the standard Invincible but Anchorman will reveal all in due course, when he has recovered from jet lag!! One surprise with it - I thought it would have a tyre pressure warning system shown on the SatNav screen not just an icon on the speedo screen not that I have any
  11. mpg , according to the computer varies from 32 to 36 but I had 43.2 yesterday when driving well within the speed limits and keeeping the revs down - this averaged over 200 miles. It dropped down when I got fed up of trying to get a good mpg - I am off to Devon in a couple of weeks and will see how that compares as quite a lot of motorway to get there. It all depends on how you drive - use the performance available and mpg will go down - drive like an 80 year old and you might get a high mpg - yes I am nearly 81 but I use the performance with the Invincible as I did with previous T180 Guy
  12. I am sure there are no body parts galvanised on any RAV - Galvanising is the process of dipping steel into molten zinc - body parts will be Zintec ie a very thin zinc coating possibly electro deposited onto the thin steel panels. True galvanising can cause distortion to thin steel parts and welding is not easy for galvanised items - get a dose of "zinc fume fever" and you think you have flu!! Guy
  13. I have a brand new T180 wheel and tyre - never used at all Anyone interested make me an offer - to be colleded from north Derbyshire email to martinguy@aol.com for a quicker reply Guy
  14. If you have the Invincible just keep pressing the DISP button on the steering wheel and you get the different displays between the rev counter and speedo - one is the MPG - dolding down the DISP button will reset it to zero Hope this helps Guy
  15. Yes I agree with Anchorman about the front sensors, if you get them fitted insist on an off switch - RRG Macclesfield are fitting the switch very soon FOC They do work very well and I always had trouble parking the T180 towards a wall - always too much of a gap. If they were fiited to only operate in Drive they would have been fine but when parked close to a wall or other car or in my garage they bleep constantly until the ignition is turned off !! In our deep snow it has been fine - went many miles yesterday afternoon from Buxton to Macclesfield (ignoring Road Closed signs !!) and only used
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