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  1. i might have won then mate !! just picked up a full leather interior from a celica vvti on ebay for ........£200 :D sound ok to me ,,in mint condition too just need a clean!!gonna have a go at fittin it this weekend so any tips or advice would be cool,,,,thanks Dan ps i will be sellin my mint cloth interior if anyone is interested and also my wheels seems as my new ones will be hear tomorrow hopefully!! drop me a line if interested
  2. :D hi guys thanks for ya help, now i no does anyone know of any vvti seats for sale!!
  3. hi guys ,,just a quick one im lookin at leather seats for my gen 6 and have heard tonight thet the vvti seats will fit,, is there any truth in this or does any one have suggestions ??? thanks dan!
  4. hi guys thanks for the help decided im gettin some 17inch DOTZ Chronos ,,hope they look ok and the ride is still ok... thanks again dan
  5. hi guys ,,thanks for the help, findin it hard to find a desecnt set of alloys any where!!!! has any one a list of cars that have wheels that fit ?? my friend has also brought some spacers that convert 5 stud into four stud, does any one know how much these are and is it worth buyin and fitin if i find a nice set of 4stud alloys?? thanks again B)
  6. hi all, first time on hear so hope it helps! iv just got my new celica gen 6 (i think ) and am gona change the wheels asap,,been lookin at some on e bay and the sizes are et 37 /pcd 83/ and 75jx17hz.. could anyone tell me if they would fit or if they could be made to ? thanks danny ,ps they are 5 stud! :D :D
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