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  1. Tar for that sbx, Great help mate. I want to check the spark plugs in my ST205 asap, am I right in saying that I will need to drain off the coolant from my intercooler first?
  2. Hi, My friend has a 1997 ST205 import and the orange engine warning light in the dash is stopping on. What does it mean? TIA. ;)
  3. skippa

    St205 Sparkys

    Hi, The header tank is on top of the engine in a GT4. It obviously needs to be removed in order to gain access to the plugs. I just want to know if and how to drain the coolant from it!!
  4. skippa

    St205 Sparkys

    Hi, I want to change my plugs. Do I need to drain the coolant from the header tank? If so, is there a drain plug fitted anywhere? TIA, B)
  5. Hi, I am after a genuine WRC rear spoiler and rear splitters for my mates ST205, any ideas where we can get them from.. TIA, B)
  6. Hi, Where is the meet tomorrow, the links in other posts do not work. Thanx, B)
  7. skippa


    Sounds like the synco is going. I am gutted because I literally threw my 2 perfectly good gear boxes away just last week. No-one wanted them, so hence scrapping them off!!
  8. Thanx GT4-NZ!!! Just had a good look around turbo pipes and BOV and found that my BOV is actually coming apart around the "trumpet" end!! I presume that this is the prob!!! Any recommendations for an aftermarket replacement would be well appreciated. B)
  9. Hi, My celica st162 was M14 fine. B)
  10. Thanks for that mate, it`s what I feared. Would the exhaust system make a difference because we also have slightly different ones. There is also no real noticeable difference in performance between the two cars, so hopefully my turbo isn`t on the way out. B)
  11. Hi all, A friend of mine has just got himself an ST205 after been impressed with mine. We both have 96 models with exactly the same BOV on {standard Toyota one}. Difference is, my motor has the HKS induction kit on and his has the standard air box / element set up on his. However, when the BOV releases its pressure on my car, it isn`t any where near as loud as the one on his car. Any ideas why guys? I thought that it would be the other way round.....??? B)
  12. skippa

    St205 Squeaks

    Yes pdodds, I know exactly where the squeak on mine is / was coming from. If you look at the bottom of the hub, there is an arm that bolts to it. The other end bolts under the chasis. In the middle, there is another stubby assembly that bolts onto the strut. This is basically 2 tapered bolts. One through lower arm and the other goes through the strut bracket. It is this that was squeaking. As a quick fix, I undone the strut and sprayed WD40 around the tapered pin that goes through the strut side. I did it 3 weeks ago and it is still OK. It will eventually need replacing though as soon as I can find a supplier. Have a look at this link and you can see the set up I am on about in detail. HTH mate, B)
  13. Hi, Just a fun post really.. I have had my GT4 for 6 weeks now and came across my first "real" competition today.. It was an Evo, I held my own very well, he was behind me on a nice long dual carriageway, he was trying to undertake me big time but with a short blast of turbo and white knuckles, I managed to keep in front! B) I was wondering what any other GT4 owners either ST185 or ST205 have encountered, especially our 4x4 turbo competition!!!
  14. Hi DJ, You definately need to speak to Julian. He found me EXACTLY what I asked for. Also my opinion is, do not buy a heavily modified car, keep it standard and modify what YOU want at a later date. HTH. B)
  15. Thanx WillB, You have made my day! Do you think 40 or better still 45 profile tyres will also fit under without too much worries regarding rolling diameter and catching etc? B)