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  1. This happened to me after 50k miles. Basically the light kept on coming on and off for about a month or two with no performace issues. I was a bit skint at the time so I self diagnosed rather than paying £90 for Toyota to kick the tyres a few times. I diagnosed wrongly and after a few more weeks my VVT-i packed up. In the end I had to leave the car with Toyota for a week and pay out for a new VVT-i controller, and all the internal cogs and bits. The dealer said if I had got the car sorted out sooner, then maybe only the vvti controller valve (an external part) would have had to be replaced at a fraction of the price. Total bill came to around £500inc. So you may only need to have the controller valve replaced rather than the whole system if caught quickly enough. If I was you I'd suggest this to Toyota before they over-do you. Get it sorted asap though as cars don't fix themselves! Good luck P.S - I posted about this a while ago under engine code P1347 - (or something like that)
  2. Lozza

    Sr Engine Light

    Speaking from a bad experience, I'd go to Mr.T and get the mechanics to diagnose the Error Warning Code ASAP. Warning though, some garages will charge £94 for the work (which involves hardly any hardship to them). I took mine to Guildford where they did it for £15.00ish - Excellent service. Although most Independent garages have a ODBII code reader so you may be able to get codes cheaper or for free. Alternatively get your own OBDII reader - £50 on ebay. Toyota do have some codes that only the garages can diagnose accurately. Don't leave it and delay getting fixed. I buggered up my VVTi through not sorting out sooner and it cost me £500 to fix. Where'as if I'd got a simple £90 job done if sorted when warning light first came on. Big Doh
  3. Hi All, For ages now my engine warning light has been on, originally I thought I had a Heated O2 sensor after a self diagnostic (shorting the 2 terminals on the Data-link connector) and I only needed to replace the Lambda. Well I was completely wrong - Doh After buying a OBDII Scanner I retrieved the code... P1349 - which translates as: VVT System problem. Oh bugger! Just wondered if anyone else has had this or a similar VVT problem and what needed fixing - is it workable for an amature to fix etc...? I have noticed a lack of top-end power for a while now - hence thinking it was the O2 sensor, but no other problems. Thanks Help much appreciated Lozza
  4. Hi All, I need to buy some new Lambda sensors (o2 sensors) for my T-Sport but don't know where to go to, to buy. I will fit them myself to save on Toyota labour charges. Do I have to go to Toyota directly to buy (not preferable)? Does anyone know any competitive genuine spares companies with links/URLs I can go to? Thanks Lozza
  5. Cheers for the help guys! Lozza
  6. Hi All, I have a Yaris T-Sport (I guess all the servicing is the same for all models) and it's overdue the 50k mile service. Does anyone know what work is meant to be done for this mileage as I'm going to try to do the work myself? Thanks Lozza
  7. 1. Markoibook, Black T-Sport Phase 1, 51 Reg, Reading/Newbury/Swindon 2. Razor, Black T-Sport Phase 2, 05 Reg, Glasgow/Ayrshire 3. Siray123, Thunder Grey T-Sport Phase 1, 01 Reg, Cumbria/Newcastle 4. Chuck04, Thunder Grey, T-Sport phase1( RULE), 01 Reg, Eastbourne/ Bournemouth..not very standard 5. Matty, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 03 Reg (soon to be personalised), Notts 6. Clarky, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 51 Reg (a tad non standard) 7. yaris t , Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, 02 reg , leeds 8. Kempo, Thunder grey T Sport, Phase 2, 05 reg, Stevenage 9. ToTo_17, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Budapest/Hungary 10. zebidi, Thunder Grat T sport, Phase 2, Oxford 11..Biffstergray,caribean blue p1 tsport.(a few mods)Dorset 12. edli83, Balearic Blue T Sport, Phase 2, 53 Reg, London 13. chrisb black TS PH1 51reg Bristol 14. jaxx, TG T Sport 52 plate, used to be a bit less than standard 15. cmarshall, Thunder Grey T Sport 02 plate, Bournemouth, becoming less standard every week 16. chriscanavan, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Manchester Far from standard 17. Opel, Chilli Red T-Sport, Phase 1, South Cheshire, totally box standard. 18. lee_ts51, Thunder Grey T-Sport Phase 1, 51 Reg, West London 19. jay dh, Thunder Grey T Sport, Phase 1, Swindon/bournemouth/essex, near standard 20. meeker, Chilli Red T- Sport, Phase 1, 02 reg, Gloucestershire. 21. Thunder Sport, Thunder grey T sport Phase 1, 02 reg Near Glasgow 22. yaris1971,T-SPORT Thundergrey phase 1 2002 Dagenham ESSEX 23. earpl,T-sport, thunder grey, pahse 1 03, theres a rat in me kitchen. 24. Mancubas, Blue T-Sport, phase 1 51 reg, manchester 25. Yvvan, Thunder Grey T-Sport, Phase 1, Essex Uk & Belgium, 2 minor mods. 26. Paddyboy15, Carribean Blue T-Sport, Phase 1, Bristol. 27. ferrariboyuk, Thunder grey T Sport, Phase 2, 05 Reg, Brentwood Essex. 28. Reece. T-Sport 04 plate, Thunder Grey (phase 2) 29. Tara. T-Sport 03 plate, Black (phase 1) Near Livingston 30. ChrisB1976, Grey T-Sport, Phase 1, Y reg (2001) plate, Leicester 31. TomF, Black T-Sport, 02 Phase 1, Guernsey, not exactly standard 32. Cooperman/ thunder grey,5 door phase 2 model, isle of wight. 33. Vitzpower Thinder Grey, Phase 1, Southend-on-Sea (Essex) 90% standard 34. Elgan, Chilli Red 05 Plate, Standard BEAST!!!! Wrexham, N Wales 35. jennyt125, Carribean Blue, Phase 1, 02 reg, as standard, Cornwall 36. R6TH M, Eclipse black, Phase 2, 2005, few mods, Lisburn, Northern Ireland 37. ArthurPewty, flame gold P1 TS, 51 plate, Cardiff, S.Wales 38. Annee20, Chilli red t sport, Phase 1, 02 plate Sheffield 39. deakodude, Thunder grey, P2, 54 plate, 40. Yaris WRC, Black, Ph1, 2003, rice racer, Antrim, Northern Ireland 41. twiby24, chili red, P1, t-sport, sheffield and doncaster 42. Rich B, Black,P1 t-sport (standard at mo), 51 reg, Bristol 43. Aman, Chilli Red,PH1, 51 plate, Hayes,West London........ 44. Lozza, Thunder Grey 52 plate, Walton on Thames, Surrey
  8. Thanks so much for your help! I will keep you posted on what I do Lozza
  9. Hi All, After 50,000 miles of trouble-free Yaris action, sadly the engine warning light has appeared :( Well this is a bit of a crazy problem, as it first came on a couple of weeks ago. I took it to Mr.T near London where I was told that it would cost me £94 just to diagnose the fault - I walked out in disgust! Crazy thing is that as soon as I turned the key in the Toyota car park, the light had gone out!!! I breathed a sigh of relief and since have had no other light action - until today. When I got home I used the self-diagnose guide posted by Yvvan and returned an Error code of... 59 Only problem is I can't find any reference to what error 59 relates to anywhere. Can anyone help please???? I don't know if this may relate but before the sensor came on I filled the tank up at Shell. Also over the past year I have kinda noticed a drop in performance - a kinda torque lag but thought this was nothing or just me imagining things. I regularly get the Yaris serviced and the air filter is clean. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks Laurie
  10. Hi All, been ages since posting, mainly due to having trouble free motoring with my T-Sport Yaris, but for the past couple of runs I notice a lag in power / tourque from 3000RPM plus. I am not sure whether it is down to a dodgy batch of fuel or the cold weather but all seems fine under the bonnet. Any suggestions would be great Thanks Lozza
  11. I'm not sure what the event is but it's a weekender comencnig the 6th August. Charging me £25 / 35 quid for ticket and I think he mentioned that it costs £15 for 3 races down the strip. Hmmm very tempting. I remember seeing someone's video from this owners club absolutely tazzing it down, murdering the opposition. Have you been before Radtoy? Is is a good laugh?
  12. My 20K service is due in a few weeks and I know Toyota are going to make me pay big time for it. How much does it exactly cost? Is it worth risking the 1 yr left on my warranty and servicing it myself?
  13. A mate of mine is off to Santa Pod in a couple of weeks and has a spare ticket. Would I look out of place there in my Yaris (unmodded) 1.5 T-Sport? Has anyone else been down the strip in their T-sport, how did you get on & what cars were you put against? Thanks Lozza
  14. Lozza


    In my T-sport I go through a full tank of petrol a week thanks to working 32 miles away from where I live. Its a very mixed journey with town, motorway and country lane driving involved. If I fancy putting my foot down I get returns of about 34-37mpg for the weeks driving. But if I drive sensibly I usually get between 41-43mpg. This week I am driving like a granny to try and set my new Personal Best and at the moment I am averaging between 44.3mpg - 45.1 - Yes in a T-Sport.