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  1. have had a couple pass through my hands....! any q's
  2. was gonna suggest the wiring on the intake cams is sound but.......! did you use the original ECU from the levin or use the one in wagon?
  3. ae86: corolla gt coupe rwd 1600cc twin cam ae85: corolla fwd 1500cc single cam(not sure though!)
  4. I'm looking for a bodykit for a 95 corolla saloon, AE100 shape. I've seen the erubani one but was lookin for at least another option! is this the only one available? or do i have to get one and modify the fittings, ie: Evo4 or Impreza. ? cheers for any advice and help. Dave it's not the one in my avatar.....i had to sell the levin.
  5. yeah the pcd is 4x100 and 35-42. i took a set off a levin and used them on a corolla. as for the centre bore?!?!?!?
  6. It should be fine to plug in and start up. My mate had one on his pulsar SR16VE and it worked a peach. For the levin, leave the running for bout 5mins before testing it out as the air/fuel mix might be different so get used to the diffderent sound of the intake and make sure the temp gauges are workin fine. Can i ask where you got it? Mine's directly?
  7. tell that you think she needs someone better than you. but then try to blame it on her! her that you just don't have the time to devote to her, she needs someone who can be there for her always. she needs more etc she'll think you're right, no water works, still friends, you and your 'Smirnoff Black-Ice' heart get to go out and get loaded! this works every time for me and so i pass it on to those in need!!!!
  8. Bread


    eh... what country are you in? a red button! pretty sure that's an after market thing cos the three i've been in have never had an unknown button near the gearstick
  9. don't think TRD do one but TOM'S make a sweet kit for it
  10. there's three BZ-G's and one BZ-R in ireland at the moment, with another BZ-G on it's way (plus the one you are inquiring about). Two of the BZ-G's and the BZ-R were owned by a mate of mine who is now bringing in the other one. they are very quick and comfortable motors. many kits available and alot of tuning capabilities. the one in my avatar was tuned to bout 205BHP (guy in limerick owns it now i think) and handled like a dream. any more q's e-mail me at
  11. Bread

    Levin Problem

    presuming that there is no loose connections, have the crank and bearings checked cos they are the first things to go on the 4age engines.
  12. could you not find a twin turbo aero? qoutes in uk are radiculously cheap. try living in ireland. i couldn't get insured on a supra even if i owned the insurance company!!!
  13. hi back! i'm only new too! anyway... The first thing to go on the ae86 twincam is the crankshaft. don't run the car if it is even slightly low on oil. If so you are in danger of wearing it down. Do not push the engine hard when cold or the bearings will cease up and its big money to replace, providing you can find a replacement! (by pushing it hard i mean doing doughnuts!). gearbox is fairly reliable, just ensure that you take care when shifting.