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  1. I believe due to the mileage on the car.
  2. Thank you i was leaning towards using the 0w20 but was confused as the owners manual did have 5w30 listed as a suitable oil option
  3. Hi can anyone advise if the following engine oil would be suitable for my car. I own a toyota auris hybrid 2011. It has travelled 130,000 miles and untill now I have always used toyota 0w20 oil. Recently after my service at 120,000 i was advised by the garage to switch to 5w30 oil. Would the toyota 5w30 be ok to use? Part number 08880-80845. I believe this is a semi synthetic blend
  4. Hi All Just wanted to get people thoughts on changing the ATF on an Auris Hybrid. My MK1 Auris hit 70000 miles and when booking in for its service I askes Toyota about changing the ATF oil to which they replied it does not need to be changed. Has anyone changed this in their car? Did you have this changed at Toyota?
  5. Hi All I have unfortunately damaged my front bumper beyond repair and was hoping to buy a genuine used one to replace it. Does anyone have 1 for sale or point me in the right direction. Ideally want it in the pearl white to avoid having to get it painted my can is a 2012 auris hybrid mk1 thanks
  6. Hi thanks for you reply. I am struggling to find a Yaris T sport headlight. If I was to change both to standard headlight with the silver inwards, which one would I require the 3 lug or 4 lug?
  7. Hi I own a Yaris T sport ans want to replace the headlight as it is cracked. Am I right in thinking the headlights are different for the Japanese Versions (JT Chassis numbers) compared to the European models? My car is a Japanese version. Some headlights come with 3 lugs and some with 4. Which one do I need? Also is the headlight the same for all the yaris models from 1999-2003 or is the T sport one different? Thanks in Advance
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