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  1. £120 not bad for a 20000 mile service Just had our T2 1 litre done and it was £160 . Is it valid for them to include £9.99 plus vat for the following :- "Forte Fuel Cleaner has been added to your vehicle to maintain a clean fuel system and aid combustion " ??
  2. Thats the sound ! The service guy thought it was a problem with the springs within the friction plate, when we took it in for replacement the modified part number was listed on the job card, but can't quote it as we did not receive any paperwork on pickup Clutch pedal is much , much lighter now and clutch feel is more progresive.
  3. A sort of resonance as the clutch started to bite, first noticed reversing up a slight incline, then soon it became apparent pulling away in first, again as the clutch was released. Car has done 18000 miles Not sure if its just T2's , or all 1 litre models .
  4. Hi Just had the clutch changed by Toyota on our 53' T2 under warranty. Noise developed when reversing, took it in and was told that Yoyota know about the problem and they fit a modified friction plate . So much better now !!
  5. Careful ,Our 53 reg Yaris has been in 4 times for rattles,(door and dashboard) given up now as rattles are still there but also are minor dashboard marks/scratches where the toyota mechanics have used tools to take the central pod out, and I also found self tappers and retaining clips left on the drivers carpet After complaining they are sending a guy out Friday to repair the dashboard scratches, now wish that I had kept quiet about the rattles Nice coffee though :(
  6. Chappers Thanks but no they did not adjust it. Will be going back in Tuesday as also found a self tapper and retaining clip on the drivers floor today after I complained about a rattle/vibration from the dash display pod area when it was in for 1st service. Wish I had kept quiet as not only is it worse now ( prob due to missing screw/clip) but the dashboard plastic is marked where they prised the pod piece out. Anyone know how I stand with the dashboard damage ??
  7. Should they have adjusted the handbrake on the 1st service ??
  8. applehead

    Door Dents

    Put the rubber side protector strips on mine, £49 from Toyota .The latest protectors for the T2 , T3 etc are a lot wider than the previous model , so hoping that they will help .
  9. applehead


    Side mouldings are £49 from Toyota , but be aware that the later facelift models have different ( thicker) mouldings than the earlier model. Later model Toyota item code is PZ415-B1521-00 ( 3 door)
  10. That was my set of front and back Yaris mud flaps on eBay recently ;) bought from the dealer but decided not to fit as have already fitted the side mouldings to try to stop parking dents and decided that was enough .
  11. Hi I have not received your reply ! , I think there may be a problem with ntlworld sending to btinternet accounts as I have a work colleque with a ntlworld email account and I cannot receive anything from him , although I can send to him ? Can you try my work email address , have pm 'd you the address Thanks
  12. Provisional Interest , have emailed you for further info
  13. Thanks for the replies , it is in direct line of sight but very light ie you can only just feel it with a finger nail . Will try toothpaste !!, if not then someone at work recommended cerium oxide so will try to source that .
  14. Hi Anyone recommend a procedure to remove a 9" very light scratch to a Yaris T2 windscreen. Think it was caused by a dirty cleaning cloth , only really notices when driving at night under streetlights . Thanks
  15. I have the window rattle on the drivers door in a new T2 with windy up windows. If a wind it down very slightly it clears. Can anyone give me a guide on removing the panel to fix the foam tape ? Thanks
  16. Just got a New T2 Yaris for £5999 (plus Road Tax) from www.motorhouse2000ltd.co.uk . Its metallic as well (silver)
  17. Hi Is anyone interested in a absolutely immaculate unmarked inside and out white 1992 Carina E 4 Door 2 Litre GLI Executive Saloon ? I am the second owner from new, electric sunroof,mirrors, windows, PAS,ABS alloy wheels etc. The car needs a new head gasket , its been in my garage for nearly 9 months while I got around to doing it but just bought a new T2 Yaris so its now surplus . Looking for £250
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