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  1. m-townmr2

    Power Ant.

    My power ant. is not working. The motor is running everytime that i turn on or off the car but the ant. is not moving up or down. Is it something minor that I could just go ahead and fix or is it a problem that maybe a toyota dealer should look at. Also if i can fix it myself what would be the best way to go about it. Where can i get the easiest access to the unit. Thanx
  2. I like the 10 spoked ones myself. The others spokes just don't fill out as well. :)
  3. I wouldn't mind putting a kit like this one on to the newer style MR2. You could fool alot and look real good. I like it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...4501069916&rd=1
  4. love the pedals jimlad. I have also made the great choice of ordering those pedals..but I can't find the dead pedal. :D
  5. I had a huge scare the other day as i came out of work. There is an S like road that takes me out of the parking lot and a guy and i were messin around and I was following him out. He took the second corner at about 25 and as all I was thinking about was keeping up and not thinking that he had a front wheel drive car and wouldn't slide. Then sideways she went. I figured she would straighten back out so i just let off but then i realized i was going backwards and the curb and the row of trees was right there...luckly i was quick enough to slam the clutch and brake and ended up looking over at the curb about a foot from it. That may have done it for the 2 and my life. whats the point of living if i don't have my car. I am scared to even take a chance in the snow with the amount of sliding I have with the rain. I am on the search for a winter vehicle now.
  6. I had the same prob as Earl. Can't get on
  7. I am running axxis pads right now and would tell you not to get them at all. I put them on the front and didn't want to put them on the back because of the large amount of brake dust that i get on my rims. I have to clean them a good 3 to 4 times a week to keep them lookin shiny.
  8. A friend of mine has the same problem as kamra supra. He has a supra with so much power that he can blow his intercooler pipes off at anytime he decides to put it to the floor. he has blown one turbo but has a :censor: load of money and just put a much bigger badder turbo on..i wish i had the cash that he and his brother have. but when pushin nearly 700 hrpw. in a supra anything can happen including blowing things to pieces..be careful with the pipe..it should be ok for now though i would think. :)
  9. Hey I'm with ya on spendin the grand on seats..I'll be puttin more then that into them hopefully soon.. Why stay stock when you can have the look of race seats.. I was lookin at the white ones on this link. Cobra Racing Seats But don't get me wrong. The stock ones look good but white seats in a black car I think would look amazing.
  10. John R love the color of your car. i gave it a look today. Also your interor looks absolutly spotless... Very nice.
  11. Guess I should probaly leave you guys the site huh? Car Domain
  12. Hey this is the website that a LOT of guys and gals like to show off there cars. I just recently put pics of my Mr2 on there and was hopin that you guys could let me know what you think. Thanks alot..PEACE B)
  13. I have put 17's on my 94 and I will take some pics of it as soo as possible. It looks good but I would like to lower mine a little.
  14. I'm with you Dave, I think the blue looks great. And I like the red steering wheel with the blue which I don't usually care for.
  15. Right now my 2 has about 118000 miles on it and is running strong.. i don't know what you would think i got mine super cheap because i knew the guy but it is worth more here in the states..but i payed $3500 for it. And the body was mint with minor nicks from rocks on the hood and a torn shift boot..everything else is perfect.
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