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  1. Spot on APS!! Many thanks. No idea how it came on, no recollection of making the switch. In the car manual under parking brake the warning message & how to fix it are there, but not in the index of warning messages... Best regards, thanks again!
  2. Greetings: Warning light, yellow, came up on dashboard today, 1st time I'd seen it. Car still performs fine, electronic parking brake goes on & off normally... see.. - but doesn't exactly match warning lights in car manual... any ideas suggestions please? Due to drive over M25 Essex Saturday, 80 odd miles each way. Mr T wants £150 just to inspect.. Regards & thanks in advance
  3. After a Lexus GS then 2 Avensis's I'm now looking at buying a new car (1st time ever in my life, apart from company cars in the good old days). And Corolla hatchback seems probable. Understand there's lead time out to November-ish (£250deposit apparently) . The current Avensis, diesel, is still fine, but 110k+, noisy, clunky, might go on for years or go bang tomorrow. Plus with 1 sister, 2 sons, 2 DiLs & 5 grandkids inside North/South Circular Ulez is becoming important. I've taken one for a 20 minute test drive and was surprised how OK it seems to be, especially the seat (I have 2 crushed vertebrae so seats matter: Lining up for a 2-hour test drive c/o Mr T). 74 and doing less and less driving. May I humbly ask members, any particular suggestions as to what to do/avoid/check?? Off the top of my head current list includes wondering about.... - General advice - Space saver ? (never used the one in my current for almost 7 yr I've had Avensis, 110k+..) or TRK?? I do go to the Highlands of Scotland .. - Android Auto? Use my current 'phone a lot: does it work OK? - Where position/display/charge mobile ‘phone? “Known faults”?? Why bother with higher than ICON spec? It seems to have all I think I need (DaB, SatNav, Cruise, reversing camera) How do map updates work? (Or don't bother & use Android Google Maps??) Any extras / accessories worth having? Any other thoughts? Best regards & thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks Cessna! It's the worst parking/ handbrake I've ever had. My old Lexus had a pedal operated one, worked fine, simple... The avensis one I end up having to lean forward to operate.
  5. Had this message today queueing for Diesel.. Stop-start in Q for maybe 10 mins, parking brake on/off probably every 20-40 seconds. After message displayed carried on but no more parking brake, holding the car instead on foot-brake (sounded like a good idea at the time). Filled up, 137.9p/ltr, Sainsburys! (Incidentally, found garage through the wonderful "FuelGenie" website having spent too many hours visiting garages out of diesel.... As it happens, full service & MoT about 2 weeks ago. Haven't seen message again since. a) Should I worry?? b) (New to me..) what's this dreaded problem?? The bloke 3-doors up with the electric car is preening himself. so smug....
  6. Dear all @ the Avensis Club: My 2014 Icon Avensis 2.0 D4D 64-Plate Radio/SatNav/CD player (Touch 2 Go I think) may be starting to die... At least 3 or 4 times now, driving merrily along, the screen initially goes completely blank, no radio, no sat nav, then a minute or so later it all comes back. No messages, no warning nights, no nothing. Is this a known fault or warning sign? Any suggestions?? I'd be most upset were it to completely die.. Best regards & thanks in advance for any replies!
  7. I remember when "Cathy come home" was 1st on TV in 1966 (apparently resulted in Shelter, Housing charity, starting ) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cathy_Come_Home - and recalling this dialogue.... "" No, we'll take the brakes out. That's what we'll do. We'll take the brakes out. Take the brakes out?! Yeah! This bloke, he was telling me. He's a fitter down at the Lotus. He says you just don't need brakes. Drive it on the gears. The gears'll stop you. Brakes spoil a good drive, don't they? They spoil a good engine. """" - It didn't end well....
  8. Thanks for advice above. Had to have a tyre replaced the other day (side-wall damage/bulge). There was also faint clunking from wheel (nearside rear). Had local tyre shop replace, fine, but they found tyre sensor had detached, now a bit damaged, had been glued before (might explain earlier problems..). Clearly not an urgent problem & tyre shop didn't have spare sensor in, could get supply & fit (genuine toyota part) about £60. Mr T quoted about £160 likewise, including "integrating new sensor". Any views regarding if it's worth risking the local tyre shop doing this? Regards & thanks in advance Phillip
  9. Needing a service (60k) for my Avensis just booking now with Mr T. 3 sorts of service - Intermediate £185 - Full £335 - Full + £395 (recommended). Can anyone point to where what is included in each of these & what is required for purely warranty qualification reasons? I've looked, can't find, maybe having a senior moment (aged 70...) Regards & thanks in advance.. .... b*gg*r... just found it, but not the warranty info... https://www.toyota.co.uk/owners/service-mot-maintenance/servicing.json
  10. I bought the car from a car supermarket, previous owner Enterprise rentals, about 9k miles on clock. The front passenger door window glass had been replaced (different markings, not Mr T, I knew..) and you could hear broken glass in bottom of door on v bumpy roads or when door slammed. After a couple of years (now 58k+) it's beginning to really irritate me. Is there an idiots guide for how to take all the trim panels off the inside of the door, get in, take/hoover out the bits, re-assemble door?? If not I guess a body shop... 2litre Diesel D4D Icon Saloon Regards & thanks in advance
  11. The warning light is coming on, Avensis ICON 64 plate 2.0 manual diesel, especially cold warnings, when the tyre pressures are OK. Sometimes goes off later. I've read & re-read the manual but can't work out how to reset: Anyone kindly give me a pointer for where documented or how, please? Regards & thanks in advance
  12. 64 reg 2.0D Icon, manual. Just had rear pads replace @ 44k, fronts still got loads of meat on them. It has the electronic parking brake: After finding out about significant wear about a year ago I've been manually releasing it when moving off. Anyone else has surprising rear pad wear? Is it a "known fault"? Regards & thanks in advance
  13. Well, dear reader, for the benefit of anyone else who gets the problem, it appears to have fixed itself. After all the above, and a long drive (1k+) north listening to iPod I thought I'd try connecting 'phone to USB port again: It works! Not sure why, I'm just guessing that connecting something with a lower-current drain (iPod) has reset something. Not yet tried connecting all via USB hub again yet.
  14. I've had my 64 plate Avensis for a couple of years, works fine: It has combined radio/CD player, sat nav (not sure of model number, can get 'photo or other info if that helps). Have had, for over a year, a USB hub plugged into USB port (in under-armrest thingy)& at various times an iPod and an Android 'phone either/or/both plugged in: Had passenger charge his iPhone from it whilst my 'phone charging/connected, fine: No problems, all works fine, music plays from iPod, can play music or BBC radio iPlayer over bluetooth from 'phone: 'Phone calls via bluetooth handled seamlessly. A few days ago I started using my iPod again after a long period of not doing so: It was plugged in, only charging, but battery probably almost flat: Connected 'phone to charge/bluetooth as I motored along. Message came up on radio console something like (silly me, didn't write it down..) "too much current drain, USB powered off". Thought nothing of it, it would fix itself next time I started car: It didn't... The 'phone and iPod still connect, can play music etc etc but neither charges. 'Phone now working, charging off an adaptor in the cigar lighter (in under-armrest thingy) I've removed the USB hub, plugged devices directly in, same problem: Changed cable for 'phone, same problem. Checked cables worked OK via this laptop. I've read the manuals that came with the car, tried all the menus, nothing, stumped. Anyone got any idea how to turn it on again, please? Regards & thanks in advance.
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