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  1. Thank you gentlemen. Ireplaced just the rubber as I couldn't get an arm that would fit. My arm is all plastic. The rubber is far too long, but cuts to size £1.99 cant be bad Alvey
  2. I need to replace the read wiper rubber / arm on my avensis 03 T3 hatchback. The arm lift only 10 degrees up off the screen. It looks as if the whole arm should be removed from the wiper spindle, but I dont know how without breaking it. Help please Alvey
  3. I have an intermittent starter motor. I am told that brushes are probably worn. How easy is it to remove/replace starter, and I need a source for brushes. How many differnt types of starter moters are there? can I tell which one is fitted without jacking up the car and cleaning the underside to look for manafactures lable on starter. Regards Alvey Street
  4. Identical response and error messages. the mass posting doesn't allow re-post 10 min after original post either. I have dealer review that I need to post and can't. Alvey Street