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  1. You will also need a Toyota fascia part.....I have no idea what the part number is though!! Cheers Ken
  2. The Autoleads adaptor is £26.99 in Halford Toyota facia plate is £25+vat from Toyota...!! Convertor lead is £10.00 Ken
  3. Im sorry for doing that...!! For some reason my login does not allow me to start threads on the "For Sale" section....... No offence...... Ken
  4. Hi Or you could just buy my Apexi induction kit for the Yaris T Sport.... Just about brand new (3 months old) as new condtion with all original packaging....... £90 if you pick it up from Grimsby..... Please email me on if your interested...... Ken
  5. kenny.c


    Ive got a brand new set of Yaris T sport alloys............. X2 good tyres X2 not so good Complete with brand new wheel nuts and brand new locking nuts...... Email me direct on Thanks Ken
  6. £2800!! Doubt it very much! We are selling a 3 door Thunder Grey - 51 plate - 28k miles - 14months Toyota Warrenty £5400 - £5200 ish and I think thats a reasonable price. Good look with your search though Ken
  7. kenny.c

    Yaris T-sport

    Hi You have great timing!! My misses is just about to put her Thunder Grey T sport on Auto trader.... 51 Plate 28,000 miles FULL TOYOTA WARRENTY TILL AUGUST 2008!! MOT till September Tax till FEB next year! Brand new set of T sport alloys Very good condition......... Many extras if you want them or totally standard............ Email me direct on to discuss a fair price....... C Ya Ken
  8. HMMMMMM..................?
  9. Hi there..... Has anyone else seen Autoexpress this week?? A few pages in on a side column there is a press release about a "New Yaris Turbo" being release in Japan!! It looks like a new gen Yaris with differant bumpers and this the new Yaris turbo?? One slightly odd this is it says its got a 1.5 turbo engine?? Not sure if that a mistake or what?? Ken
  10. Yes..... Our T sport went in to have the crank sensor replaced on a recall....Caroline took it in and got the free Plonk - car washed and £10.00 petrol!!!! Kenny + Caz
  11. Hi We got a set that have only done about 1000 miles! We got them changed on warrenty then bought some aftermarket jobbies, so they are perfect condition!!! 2 tires are very good and 2 are just leagal..... Email me on if ur interested.. Kenny.c
  12. £40 !!!!!! Someone is making alot of money! Either the dealers people are going to or persons on the forum!! They are a standard LHD part and cost no more than £25...
  13. Hi As above realy... We understand the T sport is lower than a standard Yaris, but how much do the Eibachs lower a T-sport?? We have bought some FK automotive springs and they were supposed to be a 35-40mm drop but we are struggling to tell the differance! Thanks Ken+Caz
  14. Hi Couldnt help comment on this thread after reading through... Im sorry to dissapoint but my Clio 1.5dci 100bhp would easily keep up with my girlfriends T Sport <_< And in gear times it would kill it!! It all boils down to what you want out a car! Yes the clio does sound like a tractor! But it was bought for economy (70mpg) and cheap running costs (£85 a year road tax) but i still like driving the T sport, or the kit car we have. Petrols are the way to go when it come to driving fast on A roads or track days, I wouldnt have put a diesel in our GTM Spyder, BUT diesels ar not far behind... Ian+caz