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  1. I have a new Hilux Invincible and want to put bigger all terrain tyres on it idealy 35" . As the back of the front wheels are so close to the rear of the wheel arch bigger or wider causes a problem. Has any one done this yet ? is there a kit ? . I was lucky enough to look round the top gear one which has 37" tyres on but there has been major mods to the whole suspension arrangement ie: moving the whole lot forward 40mm ,and the serious wheel arch cutting . I thought about making new lower arms repositioning the wheel centre forward 30mm and widening the track but this would mean lengthening the drive shafts and would affect the castor angle . Would that be a problem? castor could be counteracted by making new hubs i guess . Starting to get expensive, but if a bolt on kit could be designed then maybe people would buy it? . I dont know what you lot think but i recon the hilux looks great but the wheels are to small and the track looks too narrow . They should have made them all look like the polar explorer.