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  1. Thank you very much! The photos certainly help. Richard
  2. RichJan

    New Cambelt?

    .........And Druid Boy, thank you! Richard
  3. RichJan

    New Cambelt?

    Hi Pete, And thank you for that good advice! Richard
  4. Hi! My wife has an S (1998, GS) Reg Petrol Avensis with 120000 on the clock. We have a quote of £350 to replace the cambelt. We want to keep the car as long as possible, Does this sound a fair price?? Any thoughts gratefully received. Richard
  5. Hi Folks, Now this sounds very much like the problem I have with a 2007 T3X (D4D 2.0) I am a true mechanical numpty and with an earlier D4D engine had to have the dmf replaced at mega cost. I was rather frightened this light rumbling like sound was the start of the same! The noise occurs mainly in second gear, approx 1500-1800 revs as I lift my foot off the accelerator. Any further thoughts or comments? Now a real plea..... any chance of a photo to help me identify exactly where I need to seal? With best regards, Richard