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  1. I've checked around, all I found was a 2.4L diesel (that is for some toyota celica, according to this 1 site.... and i know what i need is a 2.2L gas)... I want a new one, no miles, model 5S-FE... So if anyone knows where I can buy one, plz tell me. Thanks! -Tom
  2. What's the biggest engine that can fit under a GT hood? Could I make a 2.0 or 2.2L Ecotec engine work with it? (GM's newer 2003+ model engine) What all must you replace to do an engine swap? Transmission, and.... everything pretty much? Because I'll need an ECM to match the engine specs of the swapped engine and whatnot... could someone give me a list of what i'll need to do an engine swap for a Celica GT 2.2L to be replaced with an Ecotec 2.0L or 2.2L engine? and if u can, guestimate the price per part.. thank you very much I don't care really what type it is (GT, ST, etc.) , as long as it has this general design: (from KBB.com)
  3. I'm looking for a fun car to mod on the side, I saw a 1990 Celica ST w/155,000 miles(I love the look they have). KBB says it has a 1.6L engine, is this accurate? Are there any engines I can swap into it while keeping an automatic transmission? If I swap in a bigger (if it'll fit) engine, and an automatic transmission that can handle it, is there anything else I need so that the car will work? The car works as is, but I want more power, and to clear the miles (hence the new engine). I'm new to Toyota's period, been into J-body's. Sunfires, Cavaliers etc. Thanks for your input! -Tom
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