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  1. someone must want it. Not looking to make much money out of this, just to help anyone who is trying to keep one of these lovely cars on the road. It's located in the midlands of the UK at the moment. I'm just telling anyone who might know anyone who's interested.

    Take it easy, Sarge

  2. Hi there Kaos,

    you helped me with some manuals for cynos beta about a year and a half ago, don't remember if I ever said thanks or not, but thanks.

    Anyway said cynos is finally dead, and engine is beyond repair, loads of impossible to get hold of parts in good condition, for anyone with a 91 cynos beta automatic 1.5. I don't want to scrap it as it is so rare and s...

  3. T3Kaos

    Head Gasket Repair

    These are some shots I took while I was going through the arduous task of replacing the head gasket.
  4. Hi Everyone As some of you may be aware I'm doing some quite extensive work on my little 1993 Toyota Cynos 1.5 Automatic. I've been hitting tons of problems with my modification work because of the sheer lack of data available for this particularly rare specimen. However after extensive online research I've managed to find quite a bit of really technical stuff that will be useful to anyone carrying out work on these cars. As I find more information I will be copying to this same server so that this resource will grow in time. Visit Project_Cynos today for lots of useful info!
  5. Hi All We've completed replacing the head gasket on the Cynos now, she's been retimed to perfection and even starts straight up HOWEVER now we can't get her to idle. Does anyone have any suggestions why this would be happening. On the driver side of the engine there is a mediunm sized black cylindrical box that has two really small diameter hoses running into it. The box has A and B marked on the top. One of the hoses goes into the back of the block near the intake manifold and one goes into an additional black box with an electrical connector on it presumably linking into the main loom and then into the ECU network. I need to know the correct orientation of these little hoses as they may not be on the right way. The box appears to be some kind of one way valve, either connected to the fuel or air system - I just don't know. Has anyone got a map or connection diagram. Also when we took the engine apart we found a sensor that is plugged into the water pipe running from the main block into the radiator that appears to have been snapped off sometime ago, I also need to know what this sensor is. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. T3Kaos

    My Toyota Cynos

    My 1993 Toyota Cynos before the repair work. She is extremely dirty where she has been on the roadside in the rain for almost a week.
  7. Thanks for the heads up about Parts King. He's awesome, even offered me a better price for all the bits so I'll definitely be ordering from him and recommending him to everyone I meet. Thanks - ToyotaOwnersClub.com ROCKS!
  8. I have located a head gasket set for this car (dv033) but says its for a 5E-FE - would this set be compatbile with my engine? If not do you know where I can get the correct headset from?
  9. THANK YOU! You have my eternal gratitude. The manual is awesome, its got so much info in there that should get me by. Normally for a job this delicate I'd get a garage to do it but every local garage is being a complete numpty about it because it's a Japanese import car. As soon as I say import to them I get either we just can't do it (and they 9/10 don't even know what car it is) or they want a ridiculous amount of money for it (Tech One in Sidcup quoted approx. £350 and Eden Motors in Bromley quoted approx. £800). So I'm going to do it all myself! I will be documenting this repair with photos (and all future modifications) at T3Kaos Cynos Hub, my new blog! Again, my thanks!
  10. I need the torque settings for my K-Reg 1993 Toyota Cynos B 1.5 automatic, as I have to change the head gasket. If anyone has any info it would be appreciated.
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