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  1. Good 'ole NH huh Hoovie My vote is to fully paint the letters white.... (hell if Posh likes it........ ;) Unless like GarryL said the white could yellow quickly........
  2. RVelle

    RVelle Toys

    Album name says it all ;)
  3. Well I was off on my price a drop... paid $28895 Loving the heck out of it though ;) Picked it up on Sunday, and put 200 miles on it that evening just to "drive" it around town...heh
  4. Howdy everyone... Cant wait to pick it up. Hoovie, yea traded two cars (Maxima & G6 - wife has a company car now, so time to cut car payments "some". and the family was getting bigger, mainly due to the addition of the dog (golden retriever) after youngest daughter was born - Honestly if not for the dog, I would have been getting a new Maxima....that was THE car I wanted.... owell... family grows priorities change ;) After test driving the RAV, I truely was impressed...... Christia.... wow.. I didnt realize just how expensive these were over the pond.... Is the Exec version the same as the Limited here? Dave.M... heh.. Ill be stickin around this site...Thanks all! edited to add: Sticker, just under $32k, price (will) pay today: little over $28k (US) -- Of course they didnt have exactly what they quoted me, and I found one with a factory remote starter (actually it was between the black one Im getting and a red one, and I didnt like the red for some reason...though have had red cars in the past) RVelle
  5. Dave.M, Thanks for the welcome and the response... honestly I didnt realize this was a Euro based forum till after I posted...but all is good ;) Also didnt realize the US version was bigger than what you have avail, sorry to hear that, but luckily for me yes it is the V6 version, and I actaully got an alright deal on a semi loaded 2008 RAV4 Limited with leather and heated seats today WOOT! Factory remote starter, tow package, JBL system, sunroof, and a few other items, $28.8k.... could only get them down about $3800 US. Not my preferred color, but Black will be nice if I keep it clean...lol Picking it up tomorrow.... glad to be apart of the Toyota family.... never owned one before. Cars I have owned (newest to oldest): 05 Nissan Maxima SE (Trade In for RAV #1) 06 Pontiac G6 V6 (Trade in for RAV #2) 03 Hyundai Tiburon v6 GT 00 Hyundai Elantra 95 Eagle Talon TSI 93 Eagle Talon TSI AWD 70 Nova (v6, crappy car) 80 Eagle Wagon AWD (fun car...lol) 72 Chevelle (v8 307) 72 Chevelle (v8 350) 78 Monte Carlo RVelle
  6. Howdy... Noob to the forum, noob to Toyota if I do go that route in the next few days... My questions that im hoping you will give some input and insight to.... What do you think of a leftover 08 RAV4 Limited for $25750 (MSRP around $29800)? Should I run as fast as my feet will take me to the dealership to scoop it up or not all that great? 2nd question, and partial statement, is my mind was made up on a Nissan Murano, now that I actually took a RAV4 for a test drive today, seeing that it has almost the same get-up-an-go, and is just a tad rougher on backroads from a suspension standpoint, but has more rear cargo room, but has much better gas mileage.... I dont understand why the RAV4 isnt put up against the Murano and the likes since its just about the same size with better economy! The Highlander is just a gas hog and I looked at that to begin with and didnt want it.... Help me understand why they are not in the same class? Am i just blind and the car is really that much smaller? Thanks, RVelle
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