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  1. Thanks Duggerz, It's actually more of a clatter than rattling that clears as the engine warms up after a few minutes which made me think it might be the chain.
  2. Hi all, My wonderful 2005 1.8 auto,which is now approaching 130,000 miles,has just recently started to sound a bit rattly first thing. I am thinking this might be the timing chain starting to get worn,what do you think?Can they actually snap? Cheers...Phil
  3. Hi Konrad, Thanks for all that info.I have been topping it up when the level has been just below "Max" on a pretty regular basis of late but I will do a more scientific check.
  4. Hi Konrad, Interesting post....I have a Mk2 1.8vvti on a 05 plate and it had about 12,000 on the clock when I acquired it,having now done 115,000. I was aware of the oil burning issue and have monitored the useage,it did not use any at all up to about 100,000 but just recently I have had to top up regularly and it seems to be getting worse! I wonder,can you keep these engines running even if they are excessively using oil,or is it time to get rid now? Shame,a great car otherwise....
  5. Hi, As stubb says above,awesome car really,reliable and very comfortable.Especially good if you do not like paying out for repairs! Have had mine,T3x auto,for 6 years,never missed a beat. I am actually looking at changing now to maybe a BMW or Audi,but I am really struggling to find something I feel confident in.... Cheers....Phil.
  6. Hi Kate, For what its worth I have a 05regd 1.8vvti auto.,now done 98,000,never used any oil.Extremely comfortable,smooth car,would highly recommend.If I have another Avensis I would probably go for the facelifted,08 regd,TR auto. Cheers...Phil.
  7. Phil F

    Headlight Unit

    Thanks Drew, Funnily enough the service advisor at my local Mr T. said the same thing about the pattern parts,but £250 is a bit prohibitive. Phil
  8. Phil F

    Headlight Unit

    Thanks for that,very helpfull...Yes its a 2005...the Eurocarparts one looks the same. Cheers...Phil
  9. Phil F

    Headlight Unit

    Thanks Gazza, Has anybody here actually bought any of these aftermarket units please?After doing a bit of research some say the quality/fitting can be an issue? Also I have seen a couple of YouTube vids describing how to fit the unit,it seems fairly straightforward?...famous last words! Thanks all
  10. Hi, I need to get a new near side lamp unit and the local Mr T has quoted the princely sum of approx £250,wow!......could anyone recommend a cheaper option please? Cheers....Phil
  11. Hi, Thanks for your replies. Parts King,sorry I have to disagree with you in some respects,and my comments are based on my experience with motoring in general over the years and people I have spoken to in the trade recently,including a service manager for a large franchise and a toyota tech. As you say,compared to the old days servicing is less involved and messy and time consuming,so would you not prefer to be doing it now?The last time I had my car into the local Mr T.,I observed the workshop guys for a couple of hours and I didn't see anyone rushing about,in fact the busiest person seemed to be the "Meet and greet" lady! To me,frankly,£349 for what is primarily a oil and filter and plugs change is ridiculous and I am lead to believe this figure has more to do with encouraging people to take out the monthly maintenance plans.Also,the same work including the "inspections" would cost,in my area by a very good local motor engineer approx £150. Don't get me wrong,I know it isn't just Toyota,a friend has maintained a Merc at bonkers cost at a main dealer. Does anyone share my views on this,or if you can convince me I am wrong I may stand corrected?! Cheers....Phil.
  12. Hi all, Just following on from the interesting thread from headhurts about servicing. I have a 05 1.8 auto which I have done about 80,000 miles in with absolute minimal servicing apart from regular oil changes,brakes,tyres etc.I was advised by the service receptionist at the supplying garage that they require little servicing which has turned out to be the case.Despite this,it drives now exactly like it did when I purchased it.Most of the servicing regime appears to be "inspection". Last time I checked our local Mr T.,charges £300+ for full know this is a much talked about subject,not just with Toyota. I would be really interested to hear,from the horses mouth so to speak,from an experienced Toyota mechanic/technician what servicing regime they would do to their own cars? Cheers....Phil
  13. Phil F

    Top Tyres

    Hi, Thanks for all your replies,very helpfull.Heidfirst,the Goodyear efficient grip performance sounds like the one. Cheers....Phil.
  14. Phil F

    Top Tyres

    Hi all, Boring I know,anybody recommend tyres for my T3x auto...will need two front 205/55/16 very soon.Its getting on a bit now so would prefer budget if possible?...Is there really any quieter tyres as I don't think road noise is one of the Avensis strong points? Thanks....Phil.
  15. Hi Before I bought my auto I tried a couple of manuals,didn't like the clutch action at all,both stiff and creaky.Perhaps I was unlucky.As I said before the auto gearbox is very smooth making for a very relaxed drive. Phil.