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  1. well, i guess i'll have to find out which one fits the header then, maybe i could get the one i have drilled to fit it since im not gonna use it anymore.
  2. can i not just leave the heatshield off? lol
  3. k, thanx guys, i guess we'll see what happens when i get it, how much do you think it will cost to install it? actually, i was just reading up on this, if it is a 3sge header, it will fit on my engine, but not sure abou the mid pipe tho, i dont think i'll need a lot of work done to make this work, if not any at all.
  4. well, he said it would also fit the 3sge
  5. can anyone tell if this header is for a 5th or 6th gen celica? i just bought it, but the guy either didnt kno or just didnt want to tell me what year his friend got this header from.
  6. So, how much u think that would all cost? too much for a 16 year old guy to afford prolly lol. But if i can afford it, i would REALLY love to have one of those engines. Street racers at my school would envy me lol. So which one would i have less trouble installing and spending less on? http://www.total-boost.com/index.cfm/fusea...jdm_engines.htm
  7. Hey guys, i'm thinkin about buyin a 3sgte off of a JDM website for about 1300, but i'm not sure if what i would have to do to my car to get the 3sgte runnin rite. Anyone kno what i would have to do? i kno i would have to change the drive train, but besides that. any help would be appreciated
  8. hey matt, love rogue's lights way better than quad conversions, i like the LED's around the lights, thats tite, i think i'll wait till rouges comes out
  9. hey guys, still havent found an aftermarket site that sells gt4 hoods, www.seicom.com was suppose to have them, but that site doesnt exist anymore, so any other suggestions would be great cause i really want one :ffs: , and the only way that i kno how to get one is in japan, and shipping alone is about 300-350 bux
  10. hey crayola, where u gonna get ur gt4 hood from? ive been looking for one forever and i cant find any. if u kno where ur gonna get one, would u mind lettin me kno? that would be great for me and my car lol, thanx nice car by the way, love the body kit :D
  11. anyone kno where i can get performance headers for a 1994 celica gt that has a 5FSE engine it? someone the main manufacturer of them doesnt make them anymore which is i think Arospeed
  12. anyone kno where i can get a gt4 hood for my 94 gt? ive looked everywhere i cant seem to find any. anyone kno a place on the web where i can order one or do they even make them anymore?
  13. anyone know where i can get a gt4 hood? also, anyone kno where i can get a body kit like this one? ka2's ss-III celica
  14. hey, ive been searchin all over the place for a 5fse engine turbo kit for a 94 gt and havent had much luck. anyone know where i can get one? heres a pic of my car P.S. preferably a t3-t4 .64 turbo, thanx FsX_Celica94GT
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