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  1. yup official write-off.. shes gone.. i was doing about 60km/h i think??.. insurance might be reading =P.. haha
  2. thanks everyone.. yes ive been to the doctor and all that.. gotta go back more.. doesnt look like i may ever see her again.. poor car
  3. take off the big bubble.. just kinda pulls off.. then unplug this connector i took off my whole dash and stuff to get at it, but i think u can just grab it through here, if u have small hands! you lose your e-brake dummy light too i think.. not a big deal (for me anyways)
  4. haha u guys care more than my local forums.. umm ya i was just driving straight n this chick pulled out (on my right) to turn left, and then she realized she couldt go and stopped.. and i couldnt do nothing but hit her.. i was wearin my belt and stuff so im okay.. my neck hurt for a while but now my back is gettin sore.. i talk to insurance tomorrow to see if its written off or being fixed.. ill let you kids know!
  5. i shed a tear when seein my baby lookin like this
  6. i thought so.. i kept seein similar stuff tho and i just wanted to make sure.. we dont got much in canada.. someone should design one.. i like that look.. or a bit more agressive like this
  7. hey i forget who this is, or i'd ask him myself.. but is this bonnet custom or you kids got sumthin i cant get in Canada??
  8. whys everyone not like the brows??.. i think they're fantastic looking!
  9. haha yah my bike comes first too.. shes my baby.. heres a pic of my two babies!.. haha.. older pic.. but more stuff done to the car but its an idea!.. yup my names from there.. theres a local music artist in canada that has this same name.. im a big fan!.. im pretty sure he got it from the simpsons too!.. good memory yo! speakin of that, kinda off topic but umm.. im into some guys called "the streets".. they pretty cool.. nobody around here has heard of em.. im gettin alot of people into em tho.. pretty cool stuff.. they big out there?
  10. im veeeeeerrrrry interested in this.. i have an extra exhaust for my suzuki gsx-r too!.. i thought about doing this but thought it would be silly.. i didnt want anyone to laff at me so i didnt ask anyone.. pleeeeeease keep this thread up to date.. pleeeeeeease!.. haha
  11. here's some 16's!.. i got lots of pics if you want em!
  12. my first and only photoshop.. this is my capabilities!
  13. no but i have a pic at the beggining of the post with a yaris badge on mine.. and i live in canada and got an echo.. i dont like the name "echo".. i think yaris is a much sharper name.. i wanna be like you kids!
  14. mine aint a yaris.. its an echo! :P