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  1. No spots at all ! None ! you'd better have them all replaced under warranty... Photos from all lights should be taken from the workshop. Is this done in UK ?
  2. 3rd ????????? ...better find another workshop. :) i've changed only 1 right, in 2007. since then it is ok.
  3. ...evening all!

  4. it's going to save you a lot of pounds. take the test + check Aygo's service/warranty book. welcome !
  5. No tools. open the door, and there is a plastic cover, black + big. ''Unlock it'' manually. then you''ll find screws inside, etc.... if you want to remove the glass only, then it unlocks manually again. You''ll instantly see all cables + plate inside. Removing glass is not so difficult, but be gentle....
  6. Imperial gallon = 4.54609188 litre mile = 1.609344 kilometers 1 tank = 740 km. each time. Place i live, we move with avg speed 60km/h. when we travel in Athens, then may be 780 km... At 2006 no one would believe that....
  7. advertisement, but i wish there all ads like that... felt instantly need for a ride ! very touching video....
  8. game over. same problem, when i closed passenger's mirror at a narrow road + in the morning i opened it... Went to Toyota, took the whole mirror out + i saw the internal. there are 3 steel cables - bicycle size with barrels- and those 3 move a round PLASTIC plate in the position you wish. Plate has some deadends/stop, from there you can't move it further no more. but if you close the mirror -like i did or i'd lose....it from a passing car- then the cable BREAKS one of the stops. It's construction does not allows you to make patent. Plate + base of it are screwed on to the mirror cover and these are not seperate. The cables are holding the plate mirror. We disengaged 2 of 3 in order to move more freely + placed a.....sponge inside! problem solved. you can always buy a mirror from e-bay or a new one from T. Quoted 90e. Summer 2010... :) lubrication will do nothing, it's just another weak point for Aygo... Do not close mirrors for any reason!
  9. manifold is not...mine. the owner gave 300e for that only ! Results on dyno were shown. Torque + hp. I placed photos just to take a picture of them in order to have something in mind for other members when they go out for exhaust buy. Figures on the other side, have stopped deal with them....long ago!
  10. Specific title for the topic. That does not limit anyone with detailed knowledge to participate.. :P :P So...i did a search in forum's topics asocciated with THE clutch problem, and found almost zero problems for MMT owners. Or not? -_- Are there any ? How did you sorted it out? :) Miles on clock ? Spares cost must be the same, but labour will be different due to MMT reprogamming/reseting. I suspect that this is a job that can not be done to any workshop, but only IN Toyota dealers. What's your opinion + which ones our options -if there are any-? My 2006 MMT 5D Aygo, has 75.000km on the clock, and have not experienced any trouble from my clutch set. Works fine. Maintenance properly everything. First thought is that MMT relievs clutch from hard work... I''ll be glad to hear from other owners their thoughts + opinions + suggestions ! kav.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.de/Mobil-1-0W-20-Motorol-japanische-Motoren-1x1-Liter-/270632607935?pt=Autopflege_Wartung&hash=item3f02f5e0bf check shipping cost. think 16.5 e for UK up to 15 lt. :D
  12. read the manual, which light should come on if pads worn. is it handbrake's or other unique for the pads? anyway, have your brakes, visually checked. if worn, replace and then check again. there is also a possibility that, worn pads have lowered brake fluid level + light comes on! Check ! :)
  13. i tried a 35 cm. dissapointed, cause it did not succeeded in cleaning all covered surface.. Put back a new 30cm and everything ok. once a month i clean both blades with an old cloth + some silicon spray. This is adding life in them + they both work properly.
  14. anyona tried these ? rust? performance ? just asking, cause price is fine... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290384346962&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  15. oil filter always from Toyota. Now talking,it costs about 10-11e. I can easily switch to a similar OEM quality, for 4-6e each, and i 'd tried once when a '76 KE-30 was in my possesion. Starting the engine, oil pressure light went off after 3 sec. That's bad... Cam chain, cams need oil pressure + quantity when engine comes to life. If not, problems arise. Other filters air/fuel/AC are not so critical, and there are too many choices. KE was sold, and her stocked oil filters, fed my Aygo. :)
  16. michelin energy. twice in 5 yrs. excellent.... try this. http://www.camskill.co.uk/products.php?plid=m4b0s0p0
  17. toyota's muffler is inox, but poor grade... it will rust finally. Remus from Bug Club is fine. i was to buy it, but i finally had a hand made + tube dia 42mm up to the catalyst for the same price. ECU needed 1 week to reprogramme it self, and there is a small improvement . Air filter is a cone filter.
  18. hand made....all! aygo-club.gr! what is left behind... bear in mind the word catalyst. some of our members melted them...
  19. EBC GREEN is fine. changed it in 2009 . Apec discs. All came from UK ! 10 times better than toyota's and there is much more less dust in my wheels. If you can afford other discs, do it. these get rusty, but they perform ok. EBC won't rust, but they cost double money. I performed the change my self, and it is relatively easy...
  20. :) correct. the ''problem'' with 1st, exists mainly in to the city where are stop-go or rolling conditions. Uphills, engine load, vehicle load, acceleration pedal pressure etc. also affect this problem. Our box is...hybrid. ECU is smart enough + is aligned at economy side. My main concern when i bought the car, was the box electronic part. Will it last for a long reasonable time, without visiting Mr T? It does. On the other hand, i/we seek improvement. MMT is a peace of mind box, if you do treat it like that and not auto, full auto. 2nd car in family is a Rover 416 Auto, model 1994. We all drive her. Aygo ''confuses'' other members of the family and they don't....touch it. ''should have taken a manual or full auto, what's this?'' i 've heard.... it's new tech + we all adjust to it. Some fast, others slow, some...don't have it. Toyota should improve/fix/update/ box ECU, in order to do the job 100%. Now it is at 98%. ..hope they watch TOC !
  21. cabin light door switch passenger. sunglasses upper case -near cabin light- ext. air temperature. rear window wiper delay. cabin light ON, when unlock from a distance. B)
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