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  1. Hi, Do you still have the front grill? (Possible to Paint before sending as cheaper in UK... :) ) How much with shippiment to switzerland? Thanks
  2. Thanks for your answers ! If u want here on the main land GTI are so rare and expensive that I want to buy one in UK and bring it back home. I just was wondering, if you are able to buy the car and bring it back on the main land with out needing to have an UK address or to do an insurance as the car will be only used here for racing.
  3. I did a race with a friend that had a Renault 5 GT (no-turbo) with my Corolla 1.6 110hp... even that his car was lighter and more powerful, I could eat him not much but just enough. If the 90' car wasn't taken care of for sure you will dump him easly with a new TS. 20 years later some cars don't have anymore the max hp that they had when they were young ! ;)
  4. Hi guys ! I am actually thinking of buying a Corolla GTI or AE86 from UK. Except I don't know the regulation in UK, as in what u need to be able to buy a 2nd car. I know about the MOT and the TAX, but the car won't stay on UK land. So my main question is : Can you buy a car and just drive a way with it (and having still the plates on) ? I tried to find info on the net, but I am not sure of all I found. Thanks for your helps
  5. Wow and old guy took a Corolla like that? :P Maybe for his young lad! ;) Nice YTS but the backspoiler kinda looks strange!
  6. Really nice GTI's u have there, love them! :o To sad that here we don't have as much GTI as in UK! :(
  7. Not to be able to drive because of no more license for a few months ok... but because u arm is broken awww can't imagine!! I guess now u just want those 2 weeks to go as fast as possible! :D ;)
  8. Okey thanks for all you answers! :) The new facelift looks really nice but ain't given too... I'll stay on the first version for money reason either 3dr or 5dr! I'll try and get myself a TS before christmas, I hope too! If I get one, I won't forgot to take some pic's! ;)
  9. Okey, so for the power they are all the same, cool! :) Are you sure only the 3dr had the facelift? Look at this picture : front lights go lower then this one : So also a facelift for the 5dr?
  10. Hi, After my first car that was sadly at the end of life I decided to check out for a "better" car... so as the G6 is not that powerful; I turned my head to the beautiful TS! Except I looked around and I found that on the market u can buy different types of Corolla's. So I just wanted to know if u guys knew the difference between : The first TS (2002) and the second one (near 2005)... what was the difference except for the front lights? And if the 5 and 3 doors had the same power, in HP yes, but on the road are they the same? PS : Only speaking of normal TS no compressor! Thanks!
  11. Well, the last owner took back the car from me... lost the money for all 4 (new) tires but got the main money back. The car was completely rusty and the garagiste told me : "A car for export..." So now back to no car! :!Removed!:
  12. Well 1 of my bolts is so rusty that it's completely stuck on to the car and it came round with the time... The last owner is gonna pay for the repair... but i am gonna ask at the Toyota garagiste to do a big check, cuz i don't want anymore suprise of that kind!
  13. Oh well decided to change my summer tires and put them to winter, today...! But big problem, the garagiste changed all 3 tires till he got the front left one... impossible to take off the tire from my car. For the moment I'm driving with 3 winter tires and 1 summer... So tomorrow have to go to another garage and get repair my front tire... for about 300euro or more. What a nice starting week! :(