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  1. idling can go from normal to as low as 500-600rpm whenever the a/c is on. but when its off, theres no problem. could it be the idle-up switch? where can i find that under the hood and how does it look like? btw, the engine is a 4e-fte... thanks!
  2. are you refering to the small hole on the side of the pipe? when i replaced the stock air box of my 4a-fe with an open type filter, the tube/pipe, connecting the air filter and throttle, had a small hole. this is where the sensor (for the air temperature, i think) goes in. this was the sensor connected to the stock air box before. the sensor is made of plastic and cone-shaped and long point at the end. i'm not sure about your engine, but it should have that sensor... hths
  3. i'm not sure, but i think the stock ecu should be able to handle the extra the induction kit gets. just try to reset the ecu, so it could "refresh" on your added indution kit. anybody's free to correct me if i'm wrong.. :D
  4. heres a good tire calculator: http://www.miata.net/garage/tirecalc.html
  5. sweeeet! you're tha man! boost goes up to 9-10psi! :hokus-pokus: my boost gauge is analog, so i cant get a precise reading. thanks for sharing your wisdom, man!
  6. andrew, i saw the solenoid. two wires, two tubes. i tried to shut off the two tubes (took them out and sealed them temporarily), then my boost went down to 5psi. how exactly did you bypass the solenoid?... and also heres some curious questions: - how much boost do you get if the solenoid is bypassed? - is that boost stable, or there's a chance that it may overboost? - hows your setup right now, did you do the bypassing or you've got a switch? please help... thanks!
  7. ah, so i get a high/low switch plug one to the chassis and the other end wire it to pin7 on the ECU marked "BC" correct? i can see more clearly now thanks a lot, sir! i'll work on it later when i get home. let you know what happens.
  8. i'm sorry, i wasnt the one who personally installed the engine, and im not that technically inclined. i tried to study the ECU wiring diagram i found at www.toyotaownersclub.com, i see pin 14 (VISV) and pin 15 (BCV). is the swtiched earth you're refereing to is that pin 15? on your second suggestion, where on the engine can i find the hi/lo solenoid? doing this would the boost stay on HI? im sorry for giving alot of questions. i do appriciate your replies. thanks
  9. hi, just registered here. very informative site you guys have here :hokus-pokus: i need some help. i'm not sure if im in the correct forum but any its about a 4efte. i believe that the 4efte is a dual mode turbo. now i just, had a 4efte swapped to my corolla and the current boost reads 6psi. aside from using a boost controller, how can i switch the boost rating to the hi setting (9.5psi)?