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  1. I got that same truck but mines a Automatic, Its awesome. Toys are very reliable. all i have is a 2"body and 32" AT tires and i can go pretty much anywhere.
  2. Thanks Cozmo, did you or do you know anyone that swaped the starlet into a seo? i have a 93 Aoutmotic by the way.
  3. Does anyone know if the my stock trany and/or axels would hold up if i swaped in a starlet GT turbo? If not, any recommendations {brands and where i can get them}? Thanks!
  4. K cool, Anyway you would know where i could get one in the us? Thanks for trying anyways. About the IC - I have the G1 Xracing kit so i would just move it to the front bumper. If theres anyone out there in the Us [close to me would be best} with everything i would need, engin IC Etc for the swap...Let me know. Thanks!
  5. Im in salem, Oregon {97303}. also, any suggestions on a good intercooler? Thanks Sera!
  6. Do you have pics of this head unit?
  7. PaseoGuy93'


    How much {U.S} you want for it if i can get the money now? And whats shipping to 97303?
  8. I was thinking about doing that same thing. Accually {sp} my body man thought it would be a cool idea. He said he would cut the holes for free. Just got to find a muffler place that would costumize it. so i might still do it, im not sure though. I dont want it to end up looking stupid. Ill post picsif i end up doing it though.
  9. hey guys, im new to this site and jut wanted to say hi. Also i was woundering how the starlet engin would fit into me 93 seo? Does everything fit nicly or would it not be worth the work? Where can i get me one? Thanks for everything!
  10. Hey guys, Just wanted to say hello. You guys have an awesome Site. I was woundering if anyone here has a older runner? My problem is, i just bought a 89 runner about 2months ago and it seen that the prev. owner dint do anythig to the motor . Can you guys give me some things to look for/fix/replace? Its a big !Removed! up hills and lost alot of hp. Its my offroading truck and gots alot of tork but its just old and worn down otherwise. Thanks for all your help. My runner is a 89 automatic v6. Ill post pics some time.
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