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  1. I switched from a Verso 2-2 D4D automatic and was getting about 33 mpg !! With the Prius gen 3 I find the colder weather really effects fuel figurers and are now averaging about 50 mpg when in October admittedly doing runs of 120 miles each day and the weather was warmer was getting in the low 60s mpg . The point is if you want an automatic car and the fact it a petrol automatic which is about 8-10 pence a litre cheaper on fuel there is little to touch it in my opinion. The nearest thing in automatics is the VW DSG and Ford power shift diesels which will match these consumption figurers
  2. I understand what you are saying Sagitar and fully agree with you but it does now say in the Prius 2011 brochure that front sensors are not available for the T-spirit but as you pointed out yours were fitted by Toyota just as the front and rear sensors were fitted to my previous car a Verso as a dealer fit option . I fully expected Toyota to come back and say that the Front sensors on a T-Spirit Prius may cause the IPA to malfunction and they were edging on the side of caution in case of liability claims against Toyota and which you could understand there reluctance to fit them but from the reply I received this does not seem to be the case
  3. Thanks Flaninacupbaord for your explanation yes it makes perfect sense as why it is a such a problem
  4. Well Sagitar you have confirmed that sensors can be fitted and do work which is very helpful but for some owners who prefer to fit accessories which are approved by Toyota and benefit from the 5 year warranty it is still a grey area .
  5. That was exactly the point inspiredon I would not even consider having the sensors fitted if Toyota did not approve them and were not subject to the 5 year warranty so I have ruled them out now but thought Toyota's reply may be of interest to new prius owners who are looking to have front sensors fitted
  6. I have finally got an answer from Toyota to the reason why front sensors are not compatible with the T-spirit Prius with IPA the reason is [It is due to the activation switch for the IPA being located in the same place as the cancellation switch for the front parking sensors would need to be fitted. There is no alternative position for this switch to be placed. I cannot really understand this reply there are 3 blank switches next to the headlight adjustment switch so why one of these blanks cannot be used I do not know ?I would appreciate a reply from other forum members who has more in depth knowledge of the Prius to explain why this would be a problem .I feel this is a rather poor excuse and surprisingly a source of lost revenue for Toyota
  7. Yes Chris Chips away does remove dents and the repair is invisible in fact many dealers use smart repairers to repair there trade ins http://www.chipsaway.co.uk/ http://www.chipsaway.co.uk/services/minor-dents
  8. Had you thought of checking out a smart repair if the damage is not to much ! your Toyota dealer could arrange this for you if you prefer at a fraction of the price for a full bodyshop repair and much quicker Cost could be as low as £100
  9. I have to agree with Red Yaris which must be a first for me the Toyota dealers sales and service departments have all been honest and straight forward to deal with ! Now Toyota customer relations well that is another story
  10. The BX suspension could be raised to the highest point and go through floods with ease also lowered to the lowest level which frustrated many a wheel clamper as they could not get the clamp on the wheel . I am sure there was a Television advert with the BX travelling down the road on 3 wheels Edit No it was the Citroen GS
  11. I think that with regard speed cameras the majority of people do not go out to break the speed limit its just a lack of concentration in which you may stray slightly over the speed limit if we are honest we have all done it at some point . A speed camera database on a sat nav just reminds the driver of the prevailing speed limit which must help pedestrians and drivers alike
  12. Perhaps parts king could confirm this but it always used to be the case dealers got a volume bonus on cars sold and sometimes when a dealer needed a few more sales to reach this figure selling a car at a loss could make financial sense as the extra amount of money gained in volume bonus over the quarter sales target period per vehicle would mean increased profits overall hence the theory of going to the dealers at the end of there sales quarter as they may just be wanting a few more units sold
  13. I think £2000 is a fair amount when you consider the cost of Valeting ,putting a warranty if over 3 years old onto the car ,replacing any parts to bring it up to standard also the cost of keeping money tied up on the forecourt in stock and costs of running the showrooms
  14. Its the same old story if you trade in against another make of car (Toyota for a Honda) or (Honda for a Toyota) you always get a knock back in part exchange price ! as a guide if you look at what dealers are selling your model of car for with similar mileage and knock £2000 off the price they are asking that is what to expect on a trade in
  15. I have a lot of time for Citroen cars and owned a few diesel Citroen BXs in the eighties and they were a terrific car at the time and despite the rumours the suspension system was very reliable and If I remember correctly had a 5 year warranty on it ! I was covering about 30,000 miles a year the downside was the servicing it was every 6,000 miles so I always seemed to be at the dealership ! with regards reliability at that time they were very good a but bit tinny build quality . Myself with modern day cars they are in the main all reliable it just the luck of the draw but would say they seem to have design faults which manufacturers know about and do not rectify . I am pleased to see Citroen have moved back to quirky designs again that is what the brand Citroen should be about with there past history in motoring
  16. At the time in 2009 I looked into purchasing the new Prius and the reduction in the warranty on the battery really put me off buying a Prius and I bought a Automatic diesel Verso I found it strange they should reduce the warranty as I believe in the USA and Australia at the time they had increased it but I may be wrong ! there were some threads on the warranty reduction when the GEN 3 Prius was launched With the increase of the battery warranty I felt more confident to buy which I did and are very pleased with the car ! no more smelly diesel hands for me and are getting twice the MPG
  17. You can get up to 10% off a Prius if you negotiate hard even with a trade in but its the cost to change that matters . I have just done 1,500 miles in 21 days in my new Prius and must say I am thoroughly pleased with my decision to change to a Hybrid
  18. Just changed from a Verso Automatic which was a very good car to a Prius and have done 1,000 miles in 17 days and for the space and the fuel economy you get for an automatic car of this size its hard to beat fuel economy I am getting between 63 MPG to 65 MPG which for a automatic car with the engine running in is good Regarding the boot did you look at the storage under the boot flap which is quite useful also in general Toyota dealers are very good
  19. Red yaris it is entirely up to you if you wish to close this thread respect is a two way thing I asked a perfectly sensible question which other posters have raised in the past I have been accused of trying to score points against Toyota assuming I have an axe to grind which could not be further from the truth ! Wasting the time of Toyota employees asking why the front sensors are unable to be fitted to the Prius T -Spirit ! the majority of posters have replied in a helpful manner There is no compulsion to post on a thread if the poster cannot add anything constructive ! If you add just criticism of the original poster it is unnecessary and shows the forum as a unfriendly place to be for guests who may visit the forums . I also took exception to the comment Maybe you are hoping someone will give you a DIY way of installing these sensors? Why would any person want to add DIY sensors on a brand new car a ridiculous comment really I am surprised such an innocent post could cause such controversy I fully intend to post on the forum the result of any information I get whether it be on this thread or a new thread when I have it
  20. lorna 2 Thank you for wasting your time and posting a reply to the thread ! I suggest you read the thread in its entirety before posting your reply ! This question has been asked in the past and will be asked again in the future and it has been stated in this thread by some members they found it interesting. I do not know if your reply was just to score Brownie points of favour with the SUPER moderator but that is what it seems like . Just for your benefit I will sum it up for you I have no intention of having front sensors fitted if they are not approved by Toyota no matter how close or far away the dealer is. While I find it not a problem not to have front sensors another driver of the vehicle does It is a simple question why are the front sensors not able to be fitted to a vehicle with IPA not a very time consuming question to answer and a question I am sure many other Prius T-Spirit Generation 3 owners would like to know If you are not able to offer a constructive post as other forum members have on this thread please waste your time on a problem in another thread in which you may be able to help with and make a contribution to the forums
  21. Which to be honest the posts made by Parts-king are always constructive and very helpful but as with the after sales manager from the dealership were I purchased the car could not provide an explanation Sorry Red Yaris I saw very little advice from you just criticism for me asking the question I have no intention of trying to score points against Toyota maybe you could provide a reason why I would wish to do so ? I have been a loyal customer like many other customers for over 21 years it was a simple question why are the front sensors not recommended by Toyota with the TPA system . You seem to be trying to blow this thread up into a full scale argument well that is one way to increase forum activity
  22. Red Yaris I am surprised it has bothered you enough to even post if you visited these forums on a regular basis you will know this subject is brought up quite often surely as a SUPER moderator it is your job to encourage discussion on the forums not try to stamp on it and try to belittle a poster maybe that is the clue to why the traffic on the forums has reduced since I first visited them . Suggestions to which I am grateful for is all that has been made and the only people who can give the answer is Toyota I can assure you paying for a sales enquiry will not happen :) No that will be spent on the grandchildren
  23. Thanks Sagitar I have a new Prius with no front sensors and to be honest do not find it much of a problem and I am £466 better off .I was just curious to why Toyota are saying they are unable to fit them when they can . I will post if I find the reason from Toyota
  24. Thanks Sagitar for your reply and confirms what I had read on these forums but why are Toyota still refusing to accept that they can be fitted ? they could at least provide a reason why in there opinion it is not practical .
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