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  1. Hi, Does anyone know whether the Toyota Full Screen Navigation is compatible with the Toyota CD Changer? There does'nt seem to be an appropriate connector for the Changer at the back unit, has anyone done this yet??
  2. Hi, i've been trying to PM you but it says your inbox is full?? Just wanted more info on the VSS and the REV? Thanks
  3. Hi, I've got the Touch Screen Navigation for the Toyota and I am trying to fit it into a Toyota Corolla. Basically i'm not sure where to find the speed sensor/reverse sensor/parking brake wire for the car, does the car usually come with this or is it an extra cable you need to buy? If so do you know the Toyota part number for this wire? And do you have any advise on what else i might need to fit this into a 2003 Corolla. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks in advance!
  4. Is that the Full Screen Sat Nav that you've got in yours?
  5. it would be pretty difficult to prove it unless you sat in a CTS and timed it yourself with someone else driving... thats what i've done and i'm sure you'll be surprised if you timed it but it is mid 7's sprint to 60
  6. i have noticed some funny smells coming from my t-sport recently, i don't know were its coming from probably the engine but it happens after either after a long journey or when i've hit the lift during my journey. i don't notice it when i just start the car uphill though... think it might be worth mentioning it to the Toyota garage and see what they think about it
  7. Autocar magazine did a group test a quite a while ago with cars such as the Civic Type R, Clio sport 172, Mini Cooper S etc. The figure they put on their 0-62 was 7.3 secs as I recall. Who is thinking about getting the TTE supercharger kit when it comes out at some point this year???
  8. whats the rear backbox? are those the twin silencers?
  9. sorry to hear about the wait, i thought the T-Sport engine was free-revving i don't get how it can be over-revved? i give mine a good revving at least a couple of times a week thinking it can take it...
  10. jeeeeez when this become such a heated debate!!! I agree with SKG on the 'lift' its worth it!! And what a smile it brings!! :D To be honest i don't really care how the other cars perform or look so long as you're happy with what you drive it does'nt matter!!! :D
  11. I think the point that most CTS owners would say is that the T Sport holds its own against the other cars. I personally don't think an S3 or Cupra R (which i don't think can be compared in the same category as a T Sport anyway), to fly off into the distance but it would be pulling away from a T Sport... If you want compare with the likes of the Cupra R, S3's and Focus RS, I say lets wait till the Supercharger kit that Toyota will hopefully release and see what it can do then... 228BHP would put it on the same level as the others i mentioned i think.
  12. yes, for the last 2 months! :D
  13. Hi, i read that article in the autocar magazine as well, BHP will supposed to increase to 228, with torque increasing to 184lb ft at 3900rpm, top speed 149mph. Sounds good anyway, but won't reach hear till end of this year though...