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  1. Hi all, I recently bought a 2001 RAV4, I got the grey key and a alarm fob key (2 buttons) but the 2 button alarm key had the insides missing Anyway, I found out how to program new alarm keys for it on t'internet (the key in/out, door open shut blah blah routine)and have bought 2 keys from ebay... One is a Valeo which seems that it doesnt detect it in programming mode, the other is a Denso made one which when I try to program it is doesnt accept it (I get the double lock and unlock sequence meaning its failed) My question is, are the valeo and denso keys different frequency or different types of alarm (ie not compatible)? I'm reluctant to keep trying to buy keys off ebay and may have to bite the bullet and get a new one programmed from the dealers Thanks in advance Del
  2. I'm following my mate up but not sure if I'll be in the Yaris.
  3. Del-R

    What Mag?

    Car related mags would be:- Japanese Performance Evo I wont go into what else I read :D :o
  4. Del-R

    Front Grill

    Cheers for the info guys, I'll drop in on my local dealer next week and pick one up :)
  5. Del-R

    Front Grill

    Does anyone have any pics or links to where I can get a black mesh grill for my '00 1.3SR? Will the standard T-Sport one fit?
  6. IMHO best are PIAA Xtreme whites, closely followed by PIAA Super Whites depending if you like a bluish tint. Only thing is the price! But you will certainly notice the difference! Failing that try Phillips Blue Visions or Osram Silver Stars they are much cheaper than PIAA bulbs but nbetter than stock bulbs.
  7. Del-R


    Whilst on the subject, does anyone know if a 1.3SR (2000) has standard springs or are they uprated in any way?
  8. Hope the damage was minimal, they're are some right :censor: 's around! :ffs:
  9. dont suppose you took any pics of the strut brace fitted? :)
  10. Del-R

    Tte Exhaust

    I just picked up a 2000 1.3SR (great little car!) and it has the TTE exhaust. I wouldnt say its loud but it has a very slight sporty note... definately an improvement over a standard but not in the league of an HKS or similaer.