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  1. boilerman

    Glow Plugs

    Hi My o3 diesel is a pig to start from cold, changed the battery and cranking is much better, but still takes ages to kick in. I checked the voltage to the glow plugs and the relay holds it on for about 12 seconds, but the light goes out on dashboard after about 3 seconds, so will try waiting longer next time. I tried testing resistance through glow plugs but my reading wasn't conclusive, so I will fit a new set and let you know how it goes,£8.50 each,very reasonable. mike
  2. boilerman

    Glow Plugs

    Hi I have a similar problem from cold, glow plug light goes out after about 4 seconds, and car is a pig to start, I've tried the on/off method and waited about 10 seconds.... no different. So, when its cold, how long should the light stay on roughly ?? mike
  3. boilerman


    Hi Guy's Need a new battery for my 03 D4D Rav, Whats the best good priced one, as I will be selling it soon so don't want one too expensive. Mike
  4. boilerman


    Thanks A So, I'm probably better off trying to stretch the budget for a 08 model ? How do I tell the difference between a 4.2 and 4.3 ? And from other posters the T180 seems to be more trouble than the extra power (head's and low mpg) Spent the day at BCA brighouse yesterday, they had a BMW Auction, I like the X3 and X5. 07 X3's were going for about £14k, but the same X5's about 3 grand more. I know the X3 is not all that popular, but I think they are great value for your money, good power and mpg. Just a bit ugly. but I could live with that. Still like the Rav though, and they are cheaper. mike
  5. boilerman


    Hi I'm getting rid of my 03 d4d and would like to know if there is any warranty on a 07 model. Head or gasket has gone on mine and I had to change the DMF so need some cover for these two items when i get a newer car, are they covered on the manufacturers warranty for 5 years ? mike
  6. boilerman

    Minor Coolant Loss

    Hi Check that there are no 'air bubbles' in header tank when engine is running, I'm living with this problem, might be tiny hole in head gasket. mike
  7. boilerman

    Head Gasket

    Hi I'm trying again, has anyone done a head gasket job on a D4D 2003 model ? mike
  8. boilerman

    Engine Light

    Hi I was driving about 70mph up the motorway when car just instantly went into 'limp mode' (it felt as if I had taken my foot off accelerator)and engine light came on. It was quite scary as I was in the middle lane and struggled to get into end lane with traffic, when i stopped in the slip lane all the car would do is tick over. So, turned off and on a couple of times, light went out, and off I went. This happened to the wife a few days earlier, but she was on a quiet road. It is not the fuel filter as that is new, it feels electrical as the cut out was instant, no spluttering or juddering.........any ideas. Mike 2003 Rav4 D4D 70k
  9. boilerman

    Help, Cylinder Head Gasket On Rav4 T180

    Hi James It is more than likely the head gasket or cracked head. If the gasket has a tiny split between one of the cylinders it would still hold pressure. I have the same problem on my older 2 liter d4d, I put about a pint in every other day, bubbles coming back into the header tank, but it drives fine and doesn't overheat. I keep putting it off but I'll have to do something before winter. Gearbox sounds like DMF. I'd go back to the garage and kick *****.
  10. boilerman

    Special Tools ?

    Hi I have read Anchormans 'changing timing belt' pinned section, do you need any special tools to do this job, mentioning of flywheel pulley but nothing about a puller required. I am going to have a go at my head gasket, and change all belts at same time. I know I will need a torque wrench, but don't think I need anything else. Mike 03 Rave4 d4d.
  11. boilerman

    Head Problem

    Hi bothwell It should show up with a pressure check, but to be honest what good would that tell you, still would be cracked head or gasket. Mike
  12. boilerman

    Head Problem

    Hi rian Join the club, I have a 03 2 Ltr D4D thats been bubbling air into the header tank for weeks, runs great an doesn't overheat so I'm burying my head in the sand at the moment. Looks like head crack or gasket thats gone and its a massive job, about £600 if its a gasket, and god knows what if its the head, of course you won't know until its in bits in the garage, then they have you by the b***s. Good luck.
  13. boilerman

    Head Gasket

    Hi Has anyone taken the cylinder head off a 03 2.0 litre D4D. Iv'e seen Anchormans timing belt topic, but how much more work is involved ? Mike
  14. boilerman


    Hi parts-king We will have to disagree about car auctions, I have always bought my cars from them. Some of the larger ones like BCA sell some very good stock, from lease companies and others. Obviously you should always buy with a full warranty/trial and full service history, not for the faint hearted, but you can save thousands. Thanks for the warranty info. AA do a good five star warranty for £120 a year, what do you think of that. Mike
  15. boilerman


    Hi I posted a few weeks back with my 03 D4D bubbling gasses into header tank and loosing some water (head gasket or block crack), well I put some radweld plus in and the problem slowly got better. Now there is hardly any bubbles coming into header tank and I don't loose water. Unfortunately I have lost confidence with the car and dread any medium journeys, constantly looking at temp guage, so popped down to Auctions and nearly bought a 07 with 35k on the clock, but it was a petrol, went for £8500. My question is how much manufactures warranty is there on the Rav4, is it 5 years ? and if I bought one under this is the engine/gearbox and clutch covered, and does it have to have a full service history. Mike