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    mi dads old '95 Corolla deezul
  1. Happy Birthday Johnny!

  2. Johnny

    Avensis D4d

    :) my dad's got exactly the same car, its brilliant. Sat nav is great and really usefull but we have nothing to compare it to. He often averages 50 mpg when he's driving normally. It performs really well on the odd occasion he lets me loose with it <_< and can leave quite a bit standing when the turbo kicks in Only problem has been a faulty power-steering belt that screeched when it was cold but that got sorted under warrenty. I've got his old Corolla diesel, its 8 years old and i'm still waiting for something to break. Have fun!
  3. Johnny

    Corolla Si

    Has anyone had any experience of the 96-97 Corolla 1.6 Si ? I have got a 1995 N reg diesel that my dad gave me a couple of years a go. Its a great car (i don't have to go on about Toyota quality on this site!) but it's dull and the performance isn't exactly brilliant. I have been considering swapping it for a slightly newer Si that comes fully loaded and looks as sporty as a Corolla can. I was wondering what the performance of the 1.6 is like and if it's worth the bother. Thanks in advance.