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  1. Just googled nut splitter. There is just enough room for a 12mm socket to fit inside with out the 1/4 inch ratchet. Are nut splitters available that will fit inside the 12mm quarter inch drive socket?
  2. I've applied heat to the nut for 5 mins using a plumbers blow torch. Still not budging. Sprayed wd40 on it a few times. The nut has slightly started to round. That's my worry now. Any other help
  3. Hi, need some guidance. I am trying to take the turbo off an T25 2005 avensis d4d. I have removed the 2 heat sheilds, the inlet and intercooler pipe, 3 nuts that mount the engine exhaust manifold. Now while trying to remove the nuts on the exhaust pipe the nut beneath the exhaust pipe is being stubborn. There is very little room to get a spanner and apply force. I have attached 2 photos of the location of the M12 nuts. Is there any specific way to remove the nut? Any help will be appreciated
  4. Hi I have a T25 2.0 D4D. I have connected Techstream(V13) to the car. I am not able to view live data. While when I connect to a T27 I am. Is it possible on a T25? Thanks
  5. Do you guys know where I can buy the 5th gear and synchro from?
  6. Hi Jason, Get the injectors removed and cleaned. With a 5x Zoom eye glass you will be able to spot if the injector hole is blocked. Can be unblocked with a poke of small metal wire and clean the insides of it. Where in Lancashire are you based?
  7. This is the BMW EGR cooler. Remove it from the engine and pour some mixture (75% water & 25% caustic soda) inside the metal pipe and block the other end untill full. Keep the solution in there for an hour and refill it with fresh solution for another hour after draining. It should clean the carbon build up. Then get it refitted to the car. This is very similar to the Audi/VW that I clean recently. Difference is with that you can split it and clean it with a metal boiler flue brush. Good luck.
  8. First thing I would test if the SCV on the injection pump is electically sound. The resistance between the 2 contacts should be 2.1 Ohms. I have heard that the injection pump can pressurise upto 200MPa but don't know if they are constantly at that pressure. 10 bar is 1 MPa, so 200 MPa is 2000 Bar that is huge if its running constantly.
  9. Its the noise of the ECU. It goes away when you start the engine. Thats normal, Its know as electrical frequency noise.
  10. I have seen this issue before. When you turn the key in the ignition do you hear the starter crank but the engine dont turn. If that is the case the you would have to push it on down hill road and start it in second gear. If you dont have a down hill road where you live you can tow it with a another car or jack the front end of the car and wind a rope or long belt around the circumfrence of the tyre and pull on it to rotate the wheel fast enough and have a person sat inside the car while doing this to start the car in second gear by lifting the clutch up. Its most likely not possible to Jump start with jump leads connected to another car unless its the leads of a recovery vehicle. Good luck.
  11. Hi, I know this is an old post. I haven't seen anything about 2005 T25 D4D 2.0 litre EGR cooler pipe removal and clean. I believe the cooler pipe is the one I have high lighted in the photo which is located behind the engine. I have many times cleaned the egr valve and now the throttle body and inlet manifold but not getting the power thats I used to. The filters and fuel pump SCV have been changed too. I have seen on many occasions this large diamter pipe being really hot. I wasn't aware that it was the EGR cooling pipe. I thought it was something to do with turbo. If anyone has tackled this before It would be great help on how It can be remove and cleaned. Thanks in Advance
  12. Hi All, The car won't start after cleaning the fuel SCV and installing it back on the injection fuel pump. The battery is a good battery. The engine would turn but not start. Used easy start to see if it would start. It nearly started but died straight away. Tried bleeding the fuel lines from the crank case and no fuel came out despite pumping on the fuel filter pump too. Changed fuel SCV, the car still won't start. The car starter turns but doesnt seem like the engine is cranking. Tried easy start and bled the fuel lines. There is fuel in the lines now but still won't start. Does anyone have any idea whats going on? Thanks
  13. I will have them check it. Unfortunately mine is mostly Motorway mileage so 5th gear got used alot. Thanks
  14. I know this is an old thread. Has anyone found a way to repair stuck SCV's. Photo shown below. Its from a 2.0 D4D 2005 2.0 pump. There is a single SCV installed. The piston inside is stuck. Is there any way to open this up? I have seen youtube video's of other SCV's being repaired which have a circlip. This one Ihaven't managed to figure out how to open it. Can anyone shed light on it before it order a new part. Thanks in Advance.