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  1. Hi people,i have a hilux pickup solid axle and the the front hubs are starting to drip oil but from the inside,ie the swivel hubs.from what i gather,this is no simple job. So i was hoping that either someone out there knows how to do the job and can explain it to me or preferably,that someone has a front axle that is in good condition,ie,the swivel hubs are nice and shiney and not damaged or pitted,ball joints are all ok,etc.that they are prepared to sell me,or know where i might get one.big thanks to anyone that can help. Gary
  2. well...you could take it back to the dealers,and probably wait a week or two to get it back,or take the front of the dash off and put a little foam packing around the offending lugs.
  3. I totally agree with Bushwhacker,take yours apart first and grease it. just be careful at the last moment of freeing the glass,as one wrong move will mean the end of it because of the leaverage.i done mine myself when i had a surf but i could've done with an extra pair of hands.The runner can be a bit of a swine to get out,but with a little logic and a bit more patience it's easy enough.Whilst your in there check the condition of the vulcanised rubber mount with two lugs on it,conecting to the motor(i think thats where it is,it was a while ago now)cause if it's been straining itself they tend to sheer.I reinforced mine with two tapered headed screws(and some super glue,cause mine totally sheered and i was too tight to buy a new one)never broke again though.
  4. if your gonna have passengers then the logical choice is the surf.If you don,t mind having a crew cab pickup,then it,s what you personally prefer.i'd recommend the uk spec(4 runner) over the surf,as i beleive there are differences. not only is it easier to insure a uk spec,i've been led to understand that the turbos are slightly bigger,the crank is counter balanced,and various other bits and bobs. this is because cars are only allowed on the road for 5 years in Japan,regardless of condition.so they don't need to be as strong as ours.thats where all these imports come from...Jap scrap yards.not that there is any reason not to buy import,i did,and i would have been very pleased if i got the 3ltr rather than the 2.4(just did my head in knowing i could've had something even more powerful) hope this helps ol' chap. Gary
  5. incidently Tom...here's a pic of my truck that i've just picked up,it came with the bull bars on it.(plus my new roll bar). Gary
  6. it's probably just a wire come off the microswitch inside the tailgate(or maybe the switch itself has gone south),connected to your lock barrel. While you're in there,i'd advise you to grease the runners for the window as they are notorious for shearing the vulcanised rubber mount from the window motor. just an idea. Gary
  7. your best place to find bits and bobs like this is any 4x4 magazine.'total off road','4x4 magazine',and '4x4 mart' are the main three. they advertise many companies.just had a quick flick through one of mine and they sell the exact one at: www.4x4at.com but you will pay top dolar!!! I just picked up a twin 3" stainless rollbar from ebay for £41!!! they retail from £280 upwards!. my advice would be to scour ebay and be patient,you can always get a result from people who list their items in wrong category(less viewers,better price),just be patient. Hope this helps,Gary
  8. swampdog


    just a couple of pics of my past toys
  9. That's the beauty(or curse)of being cart sprung,there's nothing as complicated as that,just a live axle bolted to two springs.No panard rod at all.(used to have a surf mysef so i know what your on about)i'm 99% sure it's just that the springs are old and have just twisted a little from carrying,or more likely that years of going round roundabouts has caused them to disfigure slightly,as it's nigh on impossible for the axle to slide across as it has seats that locate it in the springs.it was a dumb(ish) question really,just wanted to throw it out there to see what others thought before investing in new springs,as my wallet is a bit like ol' mother hubbard's cupboard right now.(only had the truck 2 weeks,as my swb 3.5 v6 shogun blew a head gasket)cheers for the thought anyhow. Gary
  10. Me again,i,m also considering a 2"-3" lift for my mkIII pickup,i've lifted other jeeps before and it's never as easy as first thought.There's always something you overlook...driveshaft spacers,brake hoses,steering rods,etc,etc.can anyone set me in the right direction,is it best to go for extended shackles or springs? last time a raised a truck using springs the ride was so hard it was unbearable!! But too longer shackles not only look naff,they are inclined to bend when playing off road. Once again,thanks for any advice. Gary.
  11. Hello to all,just joined and my first question is prob an easy one...just bought a mkIII pickup and the rear axle is sitting over to the drivers side by about an inch. not a great problem,but i'm very anal about symmetry.Also i,m pretty sure if i get the tracking done whilst it sits like this it will end up crabbing.is it just because the leaf springs are a little bent or worn? or could it be something more sinister?? any info or advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Gary.
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