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  1. In light of the oil pump failing and trashing this engine, I am now performing a 2ZZ-GE conversion. I have started chatting to a mate of mine about the ECU and harness. This summer I will get to work removing the old engine and cutting the mounts out. I will also be reinforcing the sub-frame and front section of the chassis to accept the new engine. Overall I will be buying an entire Corolla T-Sport and ripping bits off it as and when I need them This will be epic! KP
  2. If they use the c52 same as the 4A-GE then I have a spare :) KP
  3. The car is now up for sale in the for sale section. KP
  4. Hi everyone, I'm putting my 1990 Liftback up for sale now that the insurance for the GTi has dropped to a sensible price. Here is the car: Specifications: Engine - 1.3L 2E 12 Valve, 4 cylinder Engine, Carburetted (75bhp) Chassis - 1990 Liftback GL, 5 Door ICE - New Pioneer Head Unit, AUX, Front USB, standard 4" front speakers and standard 6x9" rear speakers Work Done: All work done on this car has been documented in the following Thread so read for details: http://www.ae92ownersclub.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/1494-1990-gl-liftback-restoration-rebuild/ *Extensive Welding to rear
  5. They did a really nice job of them though - acid dipped, bead blasted, powder coated and then new slider pins, seals, piston and dust boots are all fitted after a rebore. With all that out of the way I went out for a test drive. Finally it sounds great and stops really really well. The only thing letting the braking performance down is the weight transfer onto the front springs, so some stiffer springs may be in order. I also had to sort the sunroof out so a good friend of mine helped sort the whole thing out: We got it painted and cleaned up then but a large bead of tiger seal arou
  6. The Liftback has always offered questionable braking performance - the pedal is often soft with no feel through the first few centimetres of travel and a progressive dirtying of trousers. In light of this I have spent my time this week replacing the braking system. To start the whole lot had to come apart. The front calipers where the first things to come off and be sent away for refurbishment which was going to be £250 for the pair! With them sent off I moved on to fitting new brake hoses and slave cylinders to the rear drums which went well for the rear left hose: But beyond th
  7. Not to worry mate Right well awesome news - I fitted the new carb and after a few adjustments it's running perfectly. Idle is bang on 850rpm without judder, the PAS idle up system works fine so no extra throttle is needed round corners even at very low speed high angle. The bastard thing also turns off when I ask it to! Because the first cold start was blowing crap through we don't know if it works fine but I should find out tonight. In normal running its smoother with no judder in the throttle and the power delivery from 3900-4300 RPM is awesome compared to what it used to be - I can really
  8. Cheers mate. I have been busy getting it back together now and I even decided to give the cam cover a quick lick of paint. The Head is fitted now and I'll adjust the tappets once the engine has been heated up. I took the time to clear up the piston tops too and I noticed that the water jackets have been corroding away where previous owners haven't been filling it with antifreeze.... so the deck will be scrap once they break through. They were so coked up I managed to fill a cap from a screenwash bottle with the deposits I scraped out. The new vacuum lines are mostly installed. I als
  9. Some big updates for the Liftback - I have reassembled the head and manifold, but I am now waiting on the extra vacuum lines I ordered. Turn out there are more than 3 metres of vacuum line on this engine! Here are a couple pictures of me lapping the valves to get them seated properly once again after I cleaned them up on the bench grinder. When it came to reassembling the valve-train I had lost the spring seat to valve 12 when washing the cylinder head, so I had to wait a day for one of the engineers to knock up a new seat for me. Luckily it was sorted soon enough: The chemicals in t
  10. Ouch that's not fun Thanks for contributing mate anything on the 2E is new to me. If someone could explain what each of the vacuum diaphragms does around the carburettor that would be excellent because so far I don't understand what half of them are. When I then start to look at the linkages and butterflies I've had it First to come off was the intake manifold and the carburettor which revealed that the lower bolt second in from the right was finger tight - not something that had happened during removal of the cylinder head; this was someone else's work. This should at least partially explai
  11. Thanks Leccie I will take a look for these things - I've been poking around a lot more today to make more sense of things. I managed to get the Head off, although I did spend most of my time labeling each vacuum line and junction before I actually started to take it apart. Anyway as far as I can tell the block is in good nick as are the bores, however they do need carbon deposits taking off the top lips. I haven't had a chance to peel off the gasket yet but that will happen tomorrow morning when I bring the Head in for its skimming: The pistons are getting pitted and coked up very badly
  12. Not many updates but I have fitted a new fuel filter and replaced the crusty drivers seat with a spare I had lying around. It's now soft and crease-free! It does need a clean though: Engine strip starts next week! KP
  13. If the switch isn't activating the motor then you likely have a faulty switch. Go to a breakers yard and take on off another E12 Corolla, I bet they're all the same. KP
  14. £1000 to repair really isn't worth it for a CTS. Their prices have fallen through the floor recently and there's no chance of you making that money back. My dad has had a mint CTS Facelift for sale for ages at £2500 and not a sniff! KP
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