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  1. Hi all, hope all is well! 53 plate Deisle D4D 2 liter Please can i run somthing past you guys, i bought my lovley D4D about 5 years ago at about 20k, and got the cam belt changed at 60k ... so is the next one due at 120k ? just seems along time! its at 100k now.. so its not long! yea.. i do 60 miles a day.. and its been fantastic! thanks guys!
  2. Hey Guys! New to this forum, and loving my new Corroler D4D Deisel 2.0L! 2003 i think (34k miles so far) Its fast enough.. got room and reliable! after a Corsa and Bravo its a god send!! Anyway.. im a little confused as to how you check your oil propperly.. the manual says to check it up to tempreture.. however whenever i do this the dip stick is covered in oil.. and i cant get an acurate reading.. even after leaving it to sebtle for a while.. And when i check it cold.. i get a more acurate reading that sits right in the middle of min and max, so.. i have oil in there.. but is it enough? also when do you guys have services? i had one at 22k and 32k Hope this makes sence! Thanks guys