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  1. Hey, A'pexi Induction kit on ebay! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Apexi-Power-Intake-I...tem200207692409 CB
  2. Hey! Put this in here as its in a few cars. Was looking at getting an Altezza shortly and was just wondering how much potential the engine has? I know a bit about the engine but any other info will also be appreciated! Thanks! CB ;)
  3. Hey! Been looking at one of these for a while! Insurance was suprisingly cheap compared to the tubby or evo! Would you recommend one? Opinions seem so varied on the reliability and frequency/cost of rebuilds I cant make up my mind! Anyone have any advice? CB
  4. Hey Was just wondering if anyone has any spare tickets? Ive seen quite a few on ebay, does anyone know any trustworthy sellers on there, is it worth buying of ebay? Thanks C Bryant
  5. There a few of them in the series. The black spoilerless one is one of my favourite supras ! CB
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLXHvBFG-CI CB
  7. Shouldnt GT4's be doing sub 14 seconds stock? and that one was 15.1 seconds? CB
  8. Dude that looks sweet! Love the wheels! CB
  9. Went from an SR to a TS and would definatly say that its worth it! CB
  10. I want one aswell, i can feel a group buy coming on lol When i was looking for one the cheapest i could find it at was £400 upto £600 :!Removed!: Ray has the full yashio factory exhaust!Also the to <the spuds of lurrrrvve> tein coileys with the edfc!Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! CB
  11. Stunning looking car mate!Not 100% in love with the rear mudflaps though, bit big! CB
  12. That looks flippin sweeeeeeeet! Any idea how much it'll go for? CB
  13. That looks flippin awesome matey! CB
  14. Looks flippin aswesome! I want one noooooooooow! CB
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