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  1. Thebit about too big an amperage capacity battery burning wires out is complete rot. Fuses protect over-current situations. The load, ie the amp when in use, determines how much current is drawn and the battery will deliver what is needed up to it's capability/capacity. If the battery is underrated then when you turn on lights, heaters, wipers etc they will either be dim, not work, go slow etc. What happens is that the battery voltage collapses until you turn something off again when if it's in good shape it will recover. So, a big battery will keep everything going. An underrated battery, at best, will stop working as a battery. At worst it will fail or even overheat.
  2. I recently ordered one from Toyota spares dept. Long story - I didn't get charged for it - so don't know what they cost - can't see it being much!
  3. Odd! but I've a few coins - I'll try removing them and be back if it doesn't help. Cheers
  4. My Celica Gen7 alarm has started to go off for no apparent reason when double locked (two hits of the central locking key fob). I've checked windows, doors, boot but no obvious problems there. It happens at random times after locked, but typically after a few minutes. When just single locked it's fine! Seems crazy to me - any thoughts anyone?
  5. The seat in my Gen 7 could be bigger and slide back further - even a few inches to hit back seats would help.
  6. I'm coming up for a tyre refresh on my celica. I've standard Toyota wheels 205 50 R16. I do about 10k miles a year - general driving, nothing special. Currently has Yokohamas A-680 fitted which are OK but I notice some front wheel spin when pulling off sharp (but that may just be me!) and I'm not 100% sure about cornering grip in the wet. Neither are a showstopper to me buying the same. What tyres do you recommend that represent sensible buys? ie a trade off between price and performance (including grip, longevity etc).
  7. Take a look at Sony MEX3600U. You can pick up for a tad over 150 but a nice unit.
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