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  1. Head gasket is on the way out. 210,000 miles. Car will start and run but SORNed. MOT till 27th October. 4 very good tyres (only 200 miles since new). Blue body, in very good condition, clean smoke free interior, 1 slim spare wheel, 2 full size spares(was going to use them for snow tyres) spare starter motor and spare fuel pump. Prefer to sell complete but will break if there is enough interest. email me on
  2. Hello Everyone, Really like my 2004 Yaris 1.4 d4d. Normally trying to up the power on diesels involves chipping or remapping. But Toyota seems to have done it for us, or am I wrong! The 1.4 d4d in mk2 and later Yaris have an extra 15bhp, without any obvious mods. Was it done by a different chip or is there other mods which are not obvious? Is it easy to up the power to be the same as the later versions? Thanks for your help Graham
  3. After your comments and some more trawling about there is only 1 option. New seats :( Anybody want some very good condition front seats with no airbags? Graham
  4. Hello Everybody, Just bought a great 2004 t3 Yaris 1.4 d4d 3 door The material on the front seats were badly damaged so I bought 2 2nd hand seats from a 2002 3 door Yaris. Only when swapping them over I realised (yes I was stupid not to check!) that the original seats had air bags and the replacements don't. Now the air bag light flashes. Is this an MOT failure? Seems that I have 3 possible solutions. 1> Buy another set of seats with airbags. 2> Do something to the connector under the seat so that the airbag light doesn't flash 3> Last and definitely worst option - cover/remove bulb from the light on the dashboard. Thoughts? Graham
  5. Hello Does anyone know any info on safety recall for the passenger air bag for the Avensis between 2001 and 2003. How do you know if your car is affected? thanks for your help
  6. First 2001 avensis estate 2.0 d4d died last year when a piston ring went. Turned out to be low oil pressure. Had done 250,000 miles. Got all the best bits of it and bought another one. This ones done 200,000.
  7. this is a picture of where I think the egr is. Does anyone know for sure before I start taking things off?
  8. Hello Car is running great except on when gently lifting off the throttle. On lift off it judders and splutters. Reading through lots of other threads, a sensible start would be top clean the egr and maf. Already cleaned the maf, although it looked fine, and no change to the judders. There are some really good posts for the egr on later cars but nothing tat good for a 2001 car. Where is it and is it easy to get off and clean? Thanks for your help Graham
  9. Problem solved. For those of you who don't know (I didn't), when doing the rear brakes there is a tool you can buy of amazon for £20 that allows you to push the piston back in while turning it at the same time. Tool was called Universal Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Wind Back I'd done loads of front brakes and rear shoes before but never rear pads. The tool has loads of attachments that will fit most rear brakes. Point to note though. When putting the caliper back on make sure the cut out on the piston lines up with the nodule on the back of the pad. Looks like at some point in the past some numpty didn't and messed up the disks! (probably highly paid toyota garage numpty as the previous owner had service book stamped at toyota garage!)
  10. Hello Help required. Trying to change the rear pads on my 2001 d4d estate. Does it need a special tool? I am able to turn the piston with a pair of moles but not push it back in even with a big g clamp (I have undone the bleed screw). Am I right in assuming you have to push the piston while turning the piston and that the piston is on a normal right hand thread? or I there something else I have forgotten/ don't know. It's my first time changing these pads. thanks for your help Graham
  11. Hello Richard, I should have said. It's silver. Graham
  12. Hello My trusty Avensis has finally let me down, sounds like it ate a piston last week . Oil pressure looks the likely suspect, had problems the month before with the sump pick up getting clogged. Car had done 238,000 miles so not too bad. It's got too many good bits to just scrap and it's sitting in my garage at the moment so any thing you are interested in let me know. Bits replaced in last few months include, starter motor and fuel pump,timing belt, rear shocks, the body work is very straight and everything still worked (as you would expect). I've been offered £200 for scrap, but would rather someone on here got use of the good bits first. The car is in Rochester in Kent and you can come and have a look or I travel every week to Berkshire so can drop bits off anywhere in between. Graham
  13. Hello, Anyone know how to get the glow plugs out of my 2.0 D4D (Y reg)? Any advice will be much appreciated. Graham
  14. Hello everybody, My lovely 2001 1.0 d4d estate has finally given up, sounds like a piston is about to disintegrate, it had only done 238000. I've got a chance of buying same model with a lot less miles but both door mirrors are in a bad way so wanted to swap my good ones for them. Is this easy and if it is can anyone give me a few hints? Thanks Graham
  15. Hello Everybody, Engine wont start and the diagnostics say fuel pump failure. New pump is approx £400 +fitting I'm hoping someone will say there is an easy fix or can source a cheaper (possibly second hand pump). On some newer cars it is not possible to use a second hand pump as they are coded for each vehicle, I assume this is not the case for a Y reg D4D. Thanks for your help Graham