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  1. Need help plz. Changed fuel pump. Connected the two cables under the seats. Still didnt start. No noise. Checked fuse in engine bay. The efi fuse was blown. Changed it but still no sound from pump. Is there a relay i can change? Or can i check if there is power going to pump and how do i check it plz
  2. Hi there. Im changing fuel pump so I thought i may aswell change fuel filter. Where is it located and how do i remove plz? Thank you
  3. yes strap bolts rounded. managed to get one off the other ive been trying for two days but no luck. may have to drill it out. the car has been parked for many years
  4. hi need front wings rear arches outer sills fuel pump
  5. my fuel pump is dead. has anyone taken off the tank? any help pics videos greatly appreciated
  6. when you start up car there are five warning lights on left of dash below speedo. a battery, handbrake,oil, door open. what is the 1 above the oil light???????????? just by the rev counter sorry.
  7. hi i have a celica 183 import conv. when im driving and break. the battery light comes on along with anotha light just above the battery!!! what is the other light???????????????? it peeing me off!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. cheers for that. but im a novice where is the abs sensor located!!!!!!!
  9. hi is there ne1 who nos how to remove and fit a new abs sensor on avensis 1.8 vvti??????????
  10. hi there ive recently bought a 1.8 vvti. the problem is tha abs light sometimes comes on when i start it and remains on!!!!! any ideas????? cheers