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  1. too bad paseo pimp isn't around anymore. that would've given you all the info you need to know. i doubt any of the 4age members are on here, but James is right, the loom, and mounts are different. you shouldn't have to modify the subframe for the 4a as you would for the 3s. I've not heard about the driveshafts though.
  2. J's right. use the search button though. you'll probably find some info. I know that two people have done that swap.
  3. looks to me like you just washed it. my paseo was practically pink. in much worse shape than yours in the before picture. looks good though.
  4. aw, J. I drive 300 miles to and from the Uni about 8 times a year. it's not THAT far. take the z32, it'll go a LOT faster :D
  5. that's one tough pill to swallow lol. i really like the colour.
  6. mine pulled up with like 12 clicks, yet it still helt tight. your buddy may have an incorrect assumption going?
  7. OR everyone's heard that the header isn't going to do a damn thing for you. +2 chp!!! w000t!!!
  8. headER, singular. and the high flow cat is just a resonator. i got screwed on an ebay deal.
  9. ah, I can't wait. here are the details: I've moved on to this C230 Kompressor Sport, which I don't intend to leave stock. looking at remus/eisenmann exhaust, upsolute chip, larger diameter supercharger pulley, custom intake (if I can figure it out), clear or smoked corners (can't decide which), s500 grille, some BBS wheels (maybe), tint, and lowering on intrax springs. this thing has the sport package, so it handles like a beast, and the interior is all black leather and carbon fibre. it's **** badass vehicle, but it is a little slow compared to the IS. 185 hp, 205 tq stock.
  10. anyone care to guess what is going to be the successor to the mighty 'seo?
  11. my accident must have damaged your sense of sarcasm. I looked at a number of cars today, the standouts being an RSX and IS300. I REALLY want the IS, but we'll see.
  12. they totalled the car today. way too much to think about fixing it, apparently. I got $5025 for the car, which translates to roughly £7. not nearly enough to replace it with a car of comparable value. as of right now, i have no clue what's going to come in its place.
  13. 4th in a 5 car domino accident, and mine was the worst hit. more concerned about Lauren in the back seat, but everyone's ok, just a couple bumps on the head and sore muscles. here are some pictures: :(
  14. yeah, helps you get from 0 to 60 in 11.2 seconds instead of 11.3
  15. depends on the diameter. i went to 2.25" and I pretty much destroyed my torque. doesn't help that mine's an auto though.
  16. altezza tail lights only belong on altezzas. those are the most played-out, fastest indication of rice in the car modification scene.
  17. keep watching ebay. they pop up there every once and a while.
  18. oh god no on the altezzas. they're civic lights modified to fit. I've been searching for years for the diamond clear headlamps, but with no luck. If you can find them, let me know.
  19. nothing conducts electricity like straight copper.
  20. sorry. what i meant, but not what i said. focus on freud and try posting!
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