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  1. Happy Birthday Offroadster!

  2. Offroadster

    How Do You?

    Hi Gust, I use "The Great White Sponge" from Halfords for these types of scuffs costs about £3.00 . You can use it with just plain water but I put a little washing up liquid in it, it never fails for these types of scuffs, just be a little bit liberal arounf the speaker mesh as it takes an age to dry.
  3. Agree with you Charlie, they hit is with the"to save weight" or "to save space"...... Let us, the owners and drivers make that choice by at least giving us it as an option when we purchase the cars. If its available in other markets then let it be available to us.
  4. Keep your hair on Charlie !! Only stating why I wont be looking at one...By the same token then, the thread is about Rav 4.4 not the Auris !!!
  5. Not me. Not too keen on the shape :( Too car like for me.
  6. As a temp measure to get you home Charlie, could you not have the damaged section removed and a straight pipe fitted? Just to get you home and if you park it up again it gives you time to source or have stainless one manufactured.
  7. Charlie is absolutely correct, get everything in writing.if you can!! I looked at removing the runflats from my T180 but after weighing up all the ins and outs I left them fitted. The problem I had was trying to explain to my insurance exactly what I was doing. To them removing the runflat tyres and support ring was no more different than say fitting winter tyres. They initially called it "alternative tyres". But more phone calls and speaking to more in authority they finally came round to agreeing it was a modification but wouldn't change my insurance premium. When I asked for it in writing they were reluctant saying it was not nescessary, thats when I did a bit more research. I got in contact with someone who has worked in insurance for many years ( introduced to him from a friend) and explained to him what I was asking. He said insurance companies would not sanction any modification or alterations to a car standard fitted safety system where it involved the removal of that safety system. So changing the tyres would not be a problem , if they were still marked as having a runflat system fitted, still seen as an alternative tyre. But removal of the support ring and for that matter the tpms would be a big no. So I decided not to, for as Charlie said not to put myself at risk as insurance companies will try everything not to pay out. It probably depends on your insurance company but defo get it all in writing.
  8. I use Thule bars for cars with no gutters. Cheaper option than buying Toyota's roof bars, and easy to take off when not in use.
  9. Have you looked under the car, maybe the under tray has lost a fastener or something
  10. No "No" option?..............2006 T180 with 68,200 on the clock. Doesnt use any oil or coolant. C.a.t was replaced at 42,000 and EGR replaced at 46,000 with I believe is modified.. No problems since. Only run it on BP Ultimate or Shell V Power, dealer serviced. I clean the EGR twice a year, just after the summer and just after winter due to doing a lot of short runs.
  11. Your car is among those at high risk of engine problems.... You should simply not clean the EGR valve as this is one of the main symptoms of engine problems on the horizon.. I am truly amazed this has not been pointed out to You !!!! Read here ......... http://www.toyotaown...7 Iam fully aware of the Engine problems Charlie. There are no other symptoms, hardly any oil is being used etc. EGR's will clog up on most if not all diesel engines, just some more than others. On my own car, T180,that I have had for 4 years, had a clogged up EGR 3 1/2 years ago. It was replaced under warranty with a modified one, I reguarly clean it and run only BP Ultimate. No problems what so ever.
  12. Yes Lol.made sure of that !!!!!!!.I wont be walking but my mate would, his car !!!
  13. I removed my friends EGR again today, although the main body of the valve was clean, the piston / spindle was still covered in soot in places. Removed the solenoid and core plug as Anchorman suggested, and what more acces it gives!!!!....Although the valve looked like it was flush and no light getting through , it was infact a layer of soot between the mating faces. When you look down the centre there are actually 3 mating faces that have potential to soot up and hold the valve open. Its all cleaned now, put back together. Car has been driven for about 40 miles with no issues. Friends comment was " I have acceleration again"....So for anybody cleaning their EGR, its not just the main of the body and clearing the holes in the manifold, the actual conntact faces in the valve is the main culprit for the valve sticking and remaining in an open position. I think I will do mine now!!
  14. Cheers Anchorman, will give it a go for him this weekend. Was there much crude/soot around the spindle and in the motor when you took it apart ? Im pretty sure if there is that will cause it to stick.
  15. Hi guys, got a friend having the EGR valve issues, engine light, 4x4 vsc etc with code P0400. I removed the EGR and cleaned it and reset the code. After he has driven approx 200 miles engine light etc has returned with same code. I was thinking that the valve is sticking open when it is doing a regen, has anybody stripped one down to clean the spindle etc and how easy is it? Cheers in advance.