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  1. Many thanks. Both the garage who fitted the aftermarket DPF (recommended by a trusted friend, I believe he was also part of those working on it) and Toyota since have said the DPF values have been reset, so it shouldn't be that 😞
  2. Gentlemen I've no idea what you're talking about, its Chinese to me, but wish you were closer! I'm in Lisbon, Portugal. My 2008 DCAT is being troublesome since I replaced the DPF (with trusted but non-Toyota part), I get bursts of white and sometimes blue smoke. It's been to Toyota twice if not three times, they can't find anything wrong with it, they say all readings are correct. I can get clouds sometimes and have been flashed by cars following, other times it's fine. The only thing I can start to work out is that most of the clouds are at varied speed and more often than not in suburban environment; at constant speed on motorways it seems OK, and particularly over 2500rpm (4th at 120kmh); at 2000 (ie 6th, 120 kmh) I get a regular white puff every five seconds, which I assume is DPF regeneration.
  3. My EGR blocked 2-3 times in a year - it seems it wasn't cleaned so well, so it didn't take much to re-block. I'd certainly try to clean that first. Or even replace (a couple of hundred euros). Otherwise, I recently used a non-Toyota DPF which came from a relatively trusted manufacturer, posted from UK directly to Portugal where I live, €300 plus post and fitting rather that the 2000+ that Toyota wanted. Sadly right now I don't have confidence in recommending it as I've had various problems since then (misfires and smoke), even if people seem to think it's not the DPF and it's just a coincidence.
  4. Got a code reader with NO instructions. Plugged it in, configured phone by downloading an app (it said it wanted the particular reader but I hadn't bought that), found the reader on the app, searched for diagnostic codes. "None found". Completely clean inside oil filler cap this morning.
  5. Well happy new year. Ladies and gentlemen, what's the difference between what I'm experiencing and symptoms of HG failure - if any? Got a shock tonight, opened the bonnet and there has been a nice pink spurt over the expansion tank 😞. I've been looking for that each time and only seen it now. Coolant in expansion tank appears to be clean (a post elsewhere said it should be dark). Haven't yet checked under the oil filler cap, car is out with family at present. Wife who drives the car more than me feels it's getting worse. It did seem to be fine for the first 10 minutes and then the coughing and intermittent smoking starts, but the last couple of times we saw the smoke off a nearly cold engine. Engine is now on about 100k. Coolant level is at max, I think so is oil (difficult to say as our drive is on a slope). Might pop out and get a code reader tomorrow.
  6. Sorry, don't know, never bought it - just suggesting an option for the OP.
  7. Hmm. Found this 3 yr old post in the Avensis club: There is a TSB ( technical service bulletin ) from Toyota ref # EG-0004T-0110-EN which describes: (note the bulletin only relates too T180 2.2 diesel Rav4, Verso, Avensis & Auris with Diesel particulate filters ) "DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may explain about intermittent white smoke from the exhaust" There is a specific set of checks which need to carried out, checking the correct operation of: If a DTC ( will set a warning light ) is present then attend to that fault before continuing with the following checks: 5th injector ( fires fuel into the DPNR during regeneration ) looking to see if it is within specification. Air intake system, looking for air leaks, ensuring air filter is clean/clear MAF system ( measures air flow and air temp into engine ) looking to see if it is within specification. EGR system, looking too see if valve is clear and closing correctly when required & check exhaust system for gas leaks. If any of the above are faulty then they need to be repaired / replaced, once the above are OK or if they check out then the engine ECU software needs to updated to a newer version. Once this is done the car has to be road tested and a forced regeneration of the DPNR needs to be completed, if after this the smoking has stopped then that's it all fixed, if not then a new DPNR will be needed. There is a technical service bulletin from Toyota reference EG-0004T-0110-EN which states; DESCRIPTION OF PHENOMENON Some customers may explain about white smoke from the exhaust. Auris, Avensis, Verso & Rav4 equipped DPNR equipped vehicles only! PRODUCTION CHANGE The ECU software has been improved The bulletin describes a diagnosis process checking: Stored fault codes, 5th injector operation, inspection of intake/exhaust for air leaks, Calculation MAF information, Cleaning/Clearing EGR & intake manifold of carbon, Reprogramming of the engine ECU with updated software and finally a confirmation of DPNR operation. Usually the issue is fixed with the ECU reprogramme PRODUCTION CHANGE The ECU software has been improved. The bulletin requires the correct operation of: 5th injector, replace if faulty Check for air leaks, repair as required Confirm air intake volume, replace air filter if out of spec Check MAF operation, replace MAF is faulty Check EGR operation, clean or replace as required Check intake manifold for blockage, clean if clogged Carry out forced DPNR regeneration, if regen fails replace DPNR If any of the above are out of spec then they need attention then a reprogramming of the ECU with updated software is required, if they are all OK just the software update is required.
  8. My new software update is 342E7000, on a 2ADFHV engine.
  9. Indeed I have this! Totally puzzled though, as is Toyota. My new software update is 342E7000. That's on a 2ADFHV engine though.
  10. He did give me a print of the software number. Does xxx7000 sound right? Sorry, we're in a right mess with builders in half the house. Not on here for 3 days as they disconnected the wifi... I don't have a code reader Matt! Looks like I'm going to get one though...
  11. One odd little fact, might be of interest or a distraction - when it was returned from Toyota a couple of weeks ago I filled up with fuel and saw Range 620km, then next time Range 600 (ish). Odd because we've never seen over 580. Wife filled it up today and saw 570. Right now it's the inconvenience of the thing, I'm trying to save pennies for the big house works and not buy two tyres (600 notes) to put the other car on the road, so each time this goes in we're car-less. I also struggle with complaining to Toyota when the DPF is aftermarket and they didn't even fit it. I believe they commented on the injectors, also the fifth injector. Sorry, all these conversations are in Portuguese and often at high speed and I don't catch the nuances. My two other choices are to take it back to the place that fitted the DPF - my colleague there tends to take the easy way out and just code them out which seems too short sighted for me, or to go to a "Turbo Technics" specialist who is recommended as one of the best in the business. Unfortunately both are out in the sticks, 40 mins - 1 hr drive at least (not near each other), and of course we'll need to leave the car there a few days. I suspect the latter won't be cheap either; and last time the earliest slot they had was 10 days later. Toyota is 15 mins away.
  12. The fun continues... It's been back to Toyota twice. The first time, following the EGR replacement, they looked at it for a couple of days before apparently realising they'd done the "wrong" software update, so this time they did the "right" one and said they hoped it was cured now, I should get white smoke once a week. Guess what, we got it 3x / day. Drove it for a week and sent it back. Aside from a major service (150 000km), they again ensured it had the latest software update, took it out on tests, measured whatever it was they could measure (internal temperatures etc) and said everything was functioning as it should, they implied there was really no problem with the new DPF, or anything else they could find, it's clogging and clearing as it should; yes sir city driving will mean more clearances. Said they'd taken it out a few times and could only recreate the problem twice. I took it back, fingers crossed. Driving home 6km on the motorway I got two smokescreens for 30s-1minute each... My only thought now is I'm pointing them in one direction where they're looking, and in fact we are all wrong and it is being caused by something totally different?! Am I reporting (British Railways style) the "wrong kind of smoke"? Baffled.
  13. I had original 2008 bulbs which lasted about 6 years and were still going when I fitted Nightbreakers. The latter were I'm sure brighter but only lasted about a year. Now on Philips of some sort, might be ExtremeVision or one step down.
  14. OK. Will they already show something that has already happened, such as regeneration time and date, or will they only show an error code when something appears on the dashboard?
  15. G thanks as always. No-one told me about code reading, possibly as I didn't ask... Can I do that? My other car is a 2009 Porsche and there are several things one can do with a cheap generic code reader, but a more useful one is a few hundred quid which I'd clearly struggle to justify on either car. Last service was by Toyota, so I guess they used the right oil (?!), and the fuel is from a national supplier here (GALP) as I have a fuel card from work which makes it half price. No idea how much of their standard or super diesel is biodiesel (I usually try to fill with the super).