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  1. Dippy

    Help required

    I think it was based on a Corolla. Might help to look for that? I don’t guarantee they are the same though.
  2. My 4.3 has sensors front and rear as a Toyota option. Those in front only work below a low speed like 5mph. There is a dash button to switch them off but I never use it. Dealer (6 hours away) originally just fitted a rear set to the front as well, and they would beep at 80mph if I got too close to central reservation. Got them changed after a long fight. “We fitted sensors, what’s the problem?” My 4.2 rear sensors were terrible in the rain, useless when wet. How do you clean them? Main flat surface, inset ring, which?
  3. Thanks all. It’s not so much the temperature as the wet weather grip. While some Brits think it’s the Med it is actually Atlantic coast and we can get savage rain Oct-April. I’ve slid the car a few times at low speeds on curving motorway slip roads etc so was guessing the other tyres would be better.
  4. Do you folks here recommend the Vredesteins over the original Bridgestone Duellers for all temperatures and weather 4C-40c? Or are they not so good above 20c? Never see snow or ice in Lisbon but all range of cold wet and hot dry roads, and don’t want to switch wheels for seasons.
  5. I am British living in Portugal. Id like to be able to auto open and close the pax window like I can do with my driver window. So might it be as simple as locating another switch that has “auto” on it, from a breaker, and fitting it into my cluster? Not quite clear how the extra two wires go round to the other door, but am tired right now; what would they need to connect to?
  6. My RAV4.3 has the standard 4 window control buttons with the driver window only being auto. Sometimes I’d like an auto passenger window too. I’m told this can’t be done simply as it needs the auto stop safety, to stop children’s heads being chopped off etc. It occurred to me (my car is LHD) what if I fit a driver door from a RHD car? All mechanisms built in already? or am I completely mad? 🙂
  7. Dippy

    verify 4x4 system

    Isn’t it ABS sensors that are used partly to measure the 4x4 system? Comparing wheel rotations? So if one has a problem it thinks the 4x4 system isn’t working properly?
  8. No I can’t be 100% certain. That’s why I said “looks like”. What I know is, I had the problem for a year, Toyota looked at the car twice and said they did something, nothing fixed, had four injectors serviced, still no improvement; fifth injector was removed and apparently looked a right state; it was coded out, with EGR, and we haven’t seen the symptoms again. Hence I pass on the info to someone who might have a similar problem. You are welcome to your views.
  9. Dippy

    verify 4x4 system

    Is that the only message? I have an earlier car, and it can say “check engine, check 4x4 system, check VSC”; they change every 3-4 seconds. Do you get all or only the 4x4 system?
  10. If you look down this thread you’ll find mine did that and it looks like it was a stuffed fifth injector.
  11. I felt that Mr T garage might have been a bit “computer says no” so I asked my friend to go back to first principles; what are the symptoms and think backwards what is likely to cause them. He thought first injectors, then turbo, then fifth injector. Personally I might have preferred to pay more for a new fifth injector but he says they can fail again so he just took it out. Some of the delay in fixing it was to find a Toyota coding expert for the ECU.
  12. UPDATE My fingers are still crossed, but I think it’s fixed. In short; stuffed fifth injector, constantly chucking fuel into the DPF (isn’t that where it goes?) but nothing igniting. So if you have a white smoke problem, try driving round with a clamp on that particular fuel line and see if it stops. I think someone else here did that. My fifth injector is now coded out, and I see from the invoice that my EGR is removed also. Four other injectors were cleaned and serviced before trying the fifth, so didn’t solve that problem but at least they are in good shape for future. Wife had a shock a few days after getting it back, when it went into limp mode. Turned off, wait 15 minutes, try again. Touch wood, no problem since. The guy who fixed it says it’s not officially remapped, but he thinks it feels a bit smoother (exhales freer) and with a smidgin extra power. But the wife and I have been driving a 300hp Porsche in that time so we now can’t feel the difference between 170 and 180hp in the Toyota! He says my new DPF from last year (which he installed) was already a “mess” as I’d been driving so much with the damaged injector. Lesson; if you replace your DPF, carefully check the fifth injector at the same time! It is now for me to find somewhere to go once a month that involves an hour each way on the motorway. We went for a day trip 1.5 hours each way to test / clean it. I’m wondering about a simple rule “don’t change up before 3k revs” on short journeys; would that help? thanks everyone for your thoughts and support. I’m still nervous but the threat of having to spend 40k on a new car (PT prices are double UK prices due to tax) is receding. I know many here would have sold it by now and never found the problem. As the used car value is quite high here (15k in good nick) and the replacement cost far higher, at a time my job was under threat, I knew it was worth me persevering. Finally the bill was 900 quid. I would have happily paid double. A funny story; my indie needed a Toyota ECU specialist to code out the fifth injector. He got one. “Ah, I’ve already seen that car. Toyota wanted me to solve a problem with it smoking, so I told them what it needed. Didn’t hear more.” Our guess is Mr T could see the quote being a grand for a new fifth injector plus three grand for a new DPF, plus labor... and decided to close eyes and ears instead 😞. I really hope this helps someone else.
  13. Left field suggestion. Fuel vacuum? Try undoing the fuel cap next time. May sound dumb but it’s a known issue with Porsche. Cost nothing to try.
  14. Mine limped when the EGR was clogged, but I don’t think I could have cured it by flicking ignition on and off.
  15. Many thanks. Both the garage who fitted the aftermarket DPF (recommended by a trusted friend, I believe he was also part of those working on it) and Toyota since have said the DPF values have been reset, so it shouldn't be that 😞