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  1. On a 1 year old car I would be suspicious of this, especially if other owners don’t report it. To narrow down the diagnosis: it happens turning in either direction or just one? Moving forward and or reversing? Car cold (off the driveway) or warm (parking after a 30min drive)? Judder on full lock is a known issue on my other car, it’s the wide tyres skipping as they roll (called reverse Ackerman effect). Reduced when I changed tyres from old hard ones to new softer ones. Not known on my old RAV though.
  2. I have a 2008 “T180” bought new in Spain. No run-flats, spare on rear door, rear door opens fully 90 degrees.
  3. Measured by computer or filling the tank?
  4. Dippy

    Tyre Advice

    Posted in another thread. With my 2008 DCAT I always bought recommended tyres from Toyota. A year ago, after tyre research for my Porsche, I read various reviews, got some quotes and went for Michelin Pilot Sports. The next week on the motorway I felt something was missing. Eventually it occurred to me; noise. I can now talk normally in the car at 75mph, not with raised voice. The last trip across Spain to Andorra was a pleasure. Don’t underestimate the annoyance, and fatigue, from road noise. NB the car never sees off-road.
  5. I always bought Toyota recommended tyres for my RAV4.3, Yokohama or the other one (Grabber?). Last year I decided to renew and looked through tyre reviews; decided it would either be Michelin Pilot Sports or Goodyear Assymetric. Finally got a great price on the MPS. The next week on the motorway, I thought something was missing. Finally worked out it was the road noise. Consider new tyres if the rest of the car is great.
  6. Surely for drift you should go to the AE86 forum? Badoom-tish…
  7. Not a PHEV. For 12 years and 120 000 miles I accepted whatever Toyota recommended for my RAV4.3 (never used in mud, ice or snow, just family transport). Finally after researching tyres for my Porsche I put effort into researching for the RAV, and was about to go for Goodyear but then got a great deal on Michelin Pilot Sports. For the next few days I knew something had changed but couldn’t work out what. Noise. There wasn’t any. We could talk quietly in the car at motorway speeds. Fantastic change.
  8. Sadly common. There is not yet universal agreement on the solution.
  9. Not sure about the new cars, mines 2008, but consider PPF or similar across the top of the rear bumper. My dog constantly scratched it while jumping into the car.
  10. Check the wiring to the sensors. My indie found a broken wire so the sensor values were all wrong. But he also blanked the EGR and coded out the fifth injector, so I can’t say which step was the deciding one! Car no longer smokes, but from outside it does whiff of unburned diesel. Passed our MoT though.
  11. I replaced my DPF for £250 for a respectable aftermarket part, plus labour. I posted a thread here a few years ago with the details.
  12. My 4.3 came with 18s as it was the flagship model; lower trim levels came with 17s. I asked the dealer to swap my 18s for some 17s before I picked it up. Someone else got a cheap or free upgrade. Me, I just got cheaper tyre bills in future.
  13. BattleZone defence approaching?
  14. Dippy


    Total guess. The K Seal might have sealed an important sensor. I didn’t think that was recommended on newer cars. Sounds like the car initially developed a coolant leak exacerbated by your heatwave. Heat usually comes from engine coolant running through the matrix. Your heat failing could be lack of coolant (or the matrix being blocked by K seal. Low power then no compression; warped head? Really no idea, just throwing ideas out. Internet diagnosis can be rubbish. Good luck.
  15. My next, hopefully not for 2-3 years, will be fully electric. The range anxiety will only affect me a few days (weeks) a year, in which case I’d plan my trip accordingly. But I will be free from oil changes, spark plugs, gearboxes, checking the coolant and antifreeze levels, and from what I hear brake pads and fluid changes also; maintenance this and maintenance that. PHEVs still have those. Couple of friends have EVs, they swear they won’t go back. I will live with the range problem but get many other benefits. No one has mentioned how younger people are less enamoured with car ownership and several may just rent one for a few hours a time.
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