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  1. My fifth injector was goosed. Indie coded it out (also EGR to my surprise) and I have no more smoking - which I guess should correctly be called unburnt fuel vapour.
  2. Thanks. Not sure I have that, but the head is sunk below such a narrow V that I’m pretty sure the bit holder would not get past it.
  3. I have a 11 year old RAV4.3 with headlights and the dash roller switch that can move them down if I have weight behind. I bought a good quality HID kit (HIDS4U) for my H11 projector dipped beam and fitted it myself. Not difficult, and I barely do an oil change myself these days. Both lights come on well and throw a clear horizontal line as they should. 1. The line is too high. At the HID kit recommended range of 7.5m from a wall it is about 63cm high, but it should be just below headlight centre which is about 48cm. I see the vertical adjuster, a bizarrely hidden white screw with 6mm? Hex head at the base of a narrow V. But I need a hex bar 20cm plus to get to it! Is that right, do I have to buy a special tool? Seems weird. 2. Will I succeed to lower the line 15cm or is that so far out of spec that I should try to re-mount the bulb first? I’d prefer not to...! 3. As the car is a daily I used the roller wheel to keep the lights low for the moment. I can see it lowers the driver side light a bit, then stops, but continues to lower the passenger side much more. Is that normal or is something wrong with the driver side, and any idea what? Motor, adjuster, stone jammed under it? I’d have thought it more logical that pax side adjusted little as then I only blind hedges, not oncoming traffic.. (Please no digressions into the legality of the kit, I’ve followed them a lot on another forum...) Thanks!
  4. Didn’t see this months ago when mine did the same and Toyota couldn’t diagnose. Small garage eventually found the fifth injector was stuffed. It was injecting fuel into the DPF but not igniting, then repeating a few minutes later.
  5. Dodgy ignition switch? Can’t think of anything else that would kill the car so comprehensively.
  6. Dealership is official Toyota dealership? Even then, mine failed to diagnose smoke as a faulty fifth injector. Definitely get second opinion.
  7. I bought a decent third party DPF from UK and asked them to post it to Lisbon; a bit under 300 euros. Where will your test be?
  8. Dippy

    Rav 4 t180

    It has more oomph but be aware of the possible engine problem.
  9. Phone mount mounted 🙂 puzzled though, I could have sworn that all multiplug sockets behind my 58827 were full (what an idiot, I didn’t take a photo before unplugging) and couldn’t find one before reassembly. Actually couldn’t find two which I knew was wrong but eventually found one, it had fallen down some way. I also can’t find the instructions online either for the back of the audio unit to see if I’m missing certain functions, or for the Toyota/ parrott Bluetooth kit which is there. Tried turning on my phone and no Bluetooth detected. Might dig more tomorrow.
  10. Found on YouTube, many thanks. Best to search for “remove RAV4.3 heater control” for the next person who wants to know.
  11. Mine had it a few times, the easiest thing is to clean the EGR, or more expensive is to replace the EGR; my next problem was the DPF clogged and they couldn’t clean it by forced regeneration, luckily I found a third party DPF for about £250 rather than 10x that as Toyota wanted. Finally it drove but smoked badly, T couldn’t locate or fix, the same guy that fitted the DPF eventually tracked it to a stuffed fifth injector squirting but not igniting, coded that out and (touch wood) seems good since then. My mate had serviced the four main injectors before trying the fifth, said they were clean anyway (wonder if T had cleaned them while trying to sort the smoking. As above, get a trusted second or even third opinion. Shame to scrap it. I’m in Portugal where mine is still worth maybe 15k so it was worth me persevering. He had warned me a replacement fifth injector might cost £600. I put the link for the bargain DPF in one of my earlier threads on this forum if you need it. Good luck.
  12. I have the 4.3 DCAT. No satnav but a CD player which accepts 6 discs. The unit is bounded by two vertical strips of I think metal, perhaps 3x15cm. I’m thinking of !Removed! a phone mount to one. I may even look around for a place to tuck the charger cable in tidily as it goes down to the lighter socket. Do the strips just prise off or is there a more complex manner of assembly, possibly starting by removing the tailgate and (hopefully) sacrificing a few virgins under the full moon? (in a hotel away for some days, asking to prepare for my return) Thanks!
  13. Have you tried holding the key fob close to the start button when pressing it? does sound like a dicky battery though.