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  1. Happy Birthday toyboata!

  2. Hi All, My 2009 Aygo went in for its 3rd service and its first MOT yesterday.. While i'm pleased it passed its MOT without any problems, I was annoyed with the service side of things: They said it needed the following: 1) New engine air filter £40 2) New Pollen filter £40 3) Air-con regasing £75 4) New Brake fluid £38 Well first off - I'm sure engine air filters used to be included in the service price? & £40 seems expensive for an air filter? 2 & 3) The car doesn't have Air-con and so how can it possibly need regasing!? And because it doesnt have aircon, it doesn't have a pollen filter either! So they've clearly not checked the filter as there isnt one to check! 4) new brake fluid, I'd of thought the brake fluid was ok, however I decided to let them do that. I told them I'll change the air filter myself, since I can get a genuine airfilter for £15 and I can fit it in less than 60 seconds, on my driveway with no tools at all! Needless to say they also tried selling me a 3 year service plan which was another rip off... and when i said no to that, they then tried to sell me a new Yaris!! I feel disgusted with this completely cowboy style running of a dealership! Any opinions?
  3. No worries When i've done similar things on other cars theres usually a rubber grommet near by in the floor pan which you can use to pass the wires through. Some aygos come with parking sensors so there must be some wiring route at the rear of the aygo you could use for your socket wiring. Just have a look round once you get your new car (excellent choice btw)
  4. Hmmm, Because the aygo was never designed to tow anything they didnt really anticipate this sort of application/problem My advice would be to wire in the Socket as per the wiring instructions and fit the socket to the beam under the rear bumper (under the car) Just find something suitable to attach it to. You may find it easier to attach the socket using two thick/strong cable ties instead of screws/bolts This way you would have a useable socket out of view
  5. Just a quick thank you for this topic - It helped me change my discs & pads today at a fantastic saving off dealer prices. Anyone thinking of attempting this - it is very easy todo once you get your head round it - and make sure you have 2 M8 sized Hex bolts to hand for getting the old disc off - SO much easier than trying to hammer it off using a rubber mallet. Anyway, Thanks again to the OP and everyone who contributed to this topic. Matt
  6. Ok a late but quick update... Toyota have had a look at the problem, and dismantled the drums/cables... Basicly they said inside the drums were very very shiny and when they get wet they will stick... They then went on to say that they have "greased" everything, and if the problems come back to bring the aygo back in to have another look. So far there hasnt been any problems...but im not 100% convinced yet...i will give it a few months before i consider it "fixed" Its one of those problems that comes and goes and you never know when it will strike next...and knowing my luck it will do it when im late for work or similar... lol
  7. Incase anyone is looking for a replacement alloy: ebay: 200511544962
  8. Jan&tone.. This problem happens over night, in real terms, less than 12 hours of it being parked on the drive. If i go on holiday i always leave the handbrakes off the cars as 2 weeks of sitting can make them stick...which i accept will/might happen. For it to stick so rigid over 1 night though isnt right...Toyota have agreed to take a look at it tomorrow. C_U_jimi - Shame its out of warrenty, will let you know what happens at the dealers (if anything)
  9. Do you mean brakes sticking like they are on mine? This is becoming a bit of a problem on mine...will be contacting the dealers.
  10. hmmm, see how it goes...however the clutch can be the culprit. Try driving along at a steady speed, then push the accelerator to the floor - if the engine revs up but the car itself does not gain speed very quick then the clutch plates are slipping.
  11. I actually gave them a bottle of wine when i bought mine! Was just so pleased with the excellent service! Matt =)
  12. Lol thats what she needs a bit of the old Winton charm!
  13. Hi Harriet, I would'nt worry too much, I'm 22 and had my aygo full of my mates, yes it slowed it down, and felt like i had just fitted lowering springs - but its ok. Its just with it being a small light weight car, when you fully load it its a large % increase of weight for the engine to pull along, hence you feel the difference. 998cc of fun, i think its ace - and i did have a yaris before the aygo!
  14. Im sick of hearing it on the news/tv/radio/papers/people! As far as i'm concerned Toyota are one of the best car manufactures out there, their service is excellent and at least they've taken the responsibility to own up to these MINOR problems and not only that, repair every single one on the whole planet!
  15. Thats a lot of snow coming down!
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